Internship at OpenLX Technologies – Yash from UPES

internship-at-openlx-technologies-yash-from-upesAbout the Author: Yash Gupta, a student from the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, takes us through his internship days at OpenLX Technologies.

An internship is the first step for a bachelor from the educational world into the professional world. Thus, it plays a crucial role in shaping a student’s career. My internship story began in the sixth semester of my B.Tech. It was somewhat late as a lot of students from my branch had already bagged their internships. This got me nervous by the day. In January 2016, I got recommended by my professor for an internship at OpenLX Technologies. The same professor had taught me a lot of subjects and recommended my name owing to my consistently excellent grades. He gave me relevant tips to prepare for my interview which was scheduled for the next day. I was extremely happy and nervous at the same time; I wanted to clear the interview at any cost. So, I studied really hard and prepared myself well for the interview. Then came the ‘Judgement’ day. I went for the interview. The interviewer had an extremely positive aura surrounding him. We had a really long conversation and the interview went way better than I had expected. And yes, I was selected for the internship! My confirmation letter came in two days later, wherein the details about the duration, technologies used, and the expectations from me were explicitly mentioned.

In the month of May, I packed my bags and left for my professional journey. I reached office early on my first day, leaving the CTO (Chief Technical Officer) very impressed. Then, I was introduced to my mentor. As it was the first day, we just discussed the basics of what we were planning to develop through the course of my internship. I was also introduced to the CEO of the company, who took a short interview of mine to know me better. This time, I was more confident than the interview I gave to get the internship.

I learned how to implement the concepts that we studied in the university to solve the real-time problems. I also got to learn a lot about the new technologies that were required for the completion of my project. The journey was not easy, though. I faced quite a few problems while developing the software. We were a team of three people working on the design and development of a billing software. Sometimes, I used to get really frustrated by the hours of debugging that was involved in the endless lines of code. But, I kept calm, and worked right through each and every line, finally managing to resolve every bug. After a few weeks, I was able to resolve almost all of my bugs in no time. We completed our project two weeks prior to the deadline, leaving our mentor as well as the CTO very impressed by our work. Then, our software was tested on various benchmarks and approved on each and every parameter. That was a great achievement for all three of us, as well as for our mentor.

My advice for all the future interns would be to enjoy your college life but to maintain a decent academic grade, as well. Work hard to get a great job; you’ll find that the smile on your parent’s face when they see you succeed, will be priceless! And yes, never lose hope and fight till the end.

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

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    Please help me to get an internship in the firm that you did.please share the information regarding it

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    It was such an amazing explanation.

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