Internship at WatchFit – My Story of Interning Abroad

internship-at-watchfit-my-story-of-interning-abroadAbout the Author: Lucile Hossepied from IESEG School of Management – Lille, France, tells the story of how she ventured out of her comfort zone and did an internship abroad.

When there is a will, there is a way.

My name is Lucile, I’m a French student living in France and I am currently in my 4th year in Management studying for a Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

You are afraid of doing an internship abroad? Trust me, it’s an experience you won’t regret at all. I really want to dedicate my story to both the non-native and native English students who have always been afraid of doing something that is not in the book of rules or those who might have a lack of confidence to reach their goals and dreams. Keep in mind: “Never say never”.

Before telling you my story, I just wanted to tell you guys that three years ago, I could never have imagined myself doing an internship abroad, not only because I said to myself: ‘I’m not bilingual, I won’t be able to make it”, but also because I was afraid of failing in a new culture, a new environment with different ways of working. Well, I was totally wrong because it’s exactly what I did a few months ago at WatchFit Ltd. I actually have a big appetite for risk and challenge, so I decided to do my two-months internship, as part of my studies, abroad.

London Calling

Indeed, as I always wanted to have an experience in a start-up to work in a young and dynamic team, continuously dealing with new challenges, I thought straight about London, this hot Tech City which charms a multitude of entrepreneurs and start-ups. To be honest, I was a bit stressed to venture into an experience like that since this would be my first such experience; however, I didn’t want to doubt now and I turned this into a big excitement!

As we all know, the most difficult part when you have to do an internship is to find the company, apply for it, and get a positive response back from them. Nevertheless, if you want to work in a start-up abroad, I truly recommend you to check out the website ‘Work In Startups’, which contains lots of job offers from startups, updated almost everyday. This is how I found WatchFit Ltd, the startup for which I worked during two months. One of the WatchFit job offers corresponded exactly to the one I was looking for: ‘A project management experience’ in a start-up specialising in Health & Fitness solutions. After carefully reviewing my motivation letter and my curriculum, I sent my application to them and a few days later, I received a request for a Skype interview and I got the internship!

WatchFit – a big family

My internship at WatchFit Ltd was the one I couldn’t have dreamed better for a first internship abroad. It began on January 4, 2016 and went on until February 23, 2016. I wish I could have stayed longer but I had to pass exams after this period so I had to come back to France. During the internship, I worked as part of a vibrant team which gave me full support at all times. The WatchFit team will welcome you as best they can and they will do everything so that you experience as best you can.

I remember my first day at WatchFit, I only walked three steps into the office that the WatchFit welcomed me very cordially and introduced me to everyone. I felt very comfortable. I also felt like I was part of an Erasmus experience like the French-Spanish movie ‘L’auberge Espagnole’ because WatchFit is a big community in which you can find interns from all over the world; Indian, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, French, Hungarian and English, of course. It’s a startup with human values and I truly appreciated working in this multicultural environment as you learn a lot from the different cultures and ways of working of others.

I worked in the Editorial department of WatchFit, under the supervision of incredible and professional managers. They helped me to enhance my skills across a wide range of tasks from all areas of the department including: Search Engine Optimisation, managing relationships with the Health professional Experts, and even assisting training of other interns.

Therefore, if you want responsibilities, be part of a multicultural team and have fun – let’s join the WatchFit family! It’s your turn! Don’t be afraid and take your dreams to the end, it’s always worth it! ☺

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