Internship at nearbuy – Kapil from Delhi University

Internship at Nearbuy - Kapil from Delhi UniversityAbout the Author: Kapil Gera, a student from Delhi University, talks about how he came across nearbuy and his exciting journey from being a marketing intern to a full-time employee.

My internship story started when I read the love story of the CEO of nearbuy, Mr. Ankur Warikoo. I was literally blown away by the number of upvotes that answer had on Quora. Impressed by the answer, I decided to check out his profile. I  stayed up all night to watch his TEDx videos. One day, I decided to write to him applying for any vacant roles in his company and about my dream to work with him. I did not get any reply for a week. My mind feared the rejection but my heart wished for an internship opportunity. After a few days, I got a call from the HR saying, “Hey Kapil, we have a vacancy in our marketing department and would like you to drop by for an interview.” My interview was scheduled with the Brand Head, Ms. Sravanthi Penmetcha and the Marketing Director, Mr. Sachin Kapur. I went into the room and handed over my CV to the lady. After a brief discussion, she pointed out the grammatical errors in my CV. Fortunately, she still decided to give me a chance for the case study round. After successfully clearing the same, I  joined them in December. Everybody was excitedly working for the ‘New Year Campaign’. It was also the time when the office was being shifted to Gurgaon. All this was very exciting for a fresher like me!

Since I had worked on campus projects in the past, I was asked to build one where students would associate with nearbuy and would work virtually to learn more about the company. Marketing and business development were a very small part of the work I was involved in. For me, even being a part of those marketing meetings was a very big thing! On my last day, the Managing Director had a discussion with me. As I used to report to the Brand Head, I never had any conversation regarding my work with him. We discussed how I was virtually working with a set of 100 interns and that was when he told me that he was extending my internship to three more months. I was a college student and decided to take up the challenge of managing both the things. With the completion of the first program, I received a lot of appreciation from everyone. With more projects successfully executed, I felt even more motivated to do something bigger and better. By April, I had my internship converted into a job offer! I joined them right after my graduation.

The kind of culture that Ankur Warikoo and his co-founders have built in the company is inspiring and motivating. At nearbuy, they did not have a check-in and check-out time policy. The flexibility to work from home further helped me manage my time well, especially when I had my exams. The company never treated me as an intern. Instead, they provided me with endless opportunities to work on diverse projects. nearbuy also had the interesting concept of ‘Lunch with Warikoo’, wherein I filled a form and the CEO scheduled a lunch. We got to sit and discuss our lives and the company. We also clicked a selfie, which he later posted on the company’s Facebook group.

Today, the excitement to understand the customer’s needs and the work on distinct marketing projects still remains the same. What I love the most about working here is the independence that is provided to every employee – sit with the CEO, take up initiatives to start something, learn new things, and get inspired.

It was a dream and still feel like one!  :)

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