Marketing internship at Price Ponder Pvt. Ltd. – Abhishek’s journey from Kolkata to Delhi

marketing-internship-at-price-ponder-pvt-ltd-abhisheks-journey-from-kolkata-to-delhiAbout the Author: Abhishek Jaiswal, a student of Fortune Institute of International Business, reminisces about his journey from Kolkata to Delhi, and how his four internships brought a change in his personality. 

I have four different internship stories to share instead of just one but in this blog, I’ll only share the best internship experience of mine amongst all the four. Let me start from the very beginning. I belong to Kolkata and came to Delhi 15 months back for my Post Graduate Diploma in Management. My father wanted me to discontinue studies after my failure in CA. He asked me to join him in his business or start any business of my own. However, I had different plans for my future and was ready to do whatever it took to chase my dreams. I didn’t want to give in to my failures at any cost. So, I decided to pursue PGDM from a decent college and give a kick-start to my career with a job of my interest, instead of starting any business, as I knew I was not prepared for it at that time. I took a loan of Rs 4 lac from Central Bank of India and the remaining from my uncle to manage the cost of my studies. My father didn’t support my decision both personally and financially; he only provided for my monthly living expenses. I don’t blame him for that as he was not wrong on his part; I had wasted 2 years and a lot of money in pursuing CA.

I shifted to Delhi and started my MBA. Soon, I realised that I needed additional income to supplement my expenses as I couldn’t ask for any extra money from home. Around the same time, companies started coming to my campus for hiring interns and I secured a virtual marketing internship at and started earning something in the form of a stipend.

It was from here that the next phase of my PGDM life began as I realised that internships are really a great way of learning in the real world and are much better than boring classroom lectures. Now, I didn’t want internships just for earning money but for learning new concepts and building on my C.V. After 3 months when my internship at CashKaro was completed, I started searching for internships online and came across the Internshala platform. I applied for various internships for the profile of Business Development in different companies through Internshala, but I was not getting selected anywhere. Meanwhile, I secured another internship through my college at a start-up named Price Ponder Pvt. Ltd., which was one of the best internships for me and also the primary focus of this blog of mine.

The company had developed a fine dining app named ‘One Loyal Card’ and hired interns for marketing of the app in its targeted customer groups. It was really a challenging job and required me to shed off all my inhibitions and push myself beyond the limits. I had to go to the target markets of the company mainly in CP and Hauz Khas, interact with the public which involved mostly the youth and the office-goers, brief them about the specifications and operations of the app along with the benefits that lies in it for them, and finally convince them to download it either from Play Store. The interns were given targets and were highly incentivized if they achieved them, which was a great source of motivation for me. I was also the leader of the team from my college and, thus, was responsible for motivating them and getting the team targets fulfilled along with my individual targets.

In a nutshell, this internship brought out the hidden potential in me and made me realise both my strengths and weaknesses. It also gave me an important learning that in the corporate world no one spoon feeds you like at school or college. Here, only the performance and the results matter. You need to learn by doing things yourself, committing mistakes, and then rectifying them at the earliest after seeking a learning from each mistake. I also did internships at two other companies after this namely, Cafe Indica Interior Technologies Pvt. Ltd. & Shriram Fortune Solutions Ltd. I have learned a lot from all these four internships and the experience has undoubtedly helped me in building my confidence.

To conclude, I would say that there is no end to learning and there is no better teacher than experience. As Benjamin Franklin rightly said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Thus, before landing into jobs we must do as many internships as possible to get a real taste of the corporate world.

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