A peek into Google’s framework – Learning AngularJS

a-peek-into-googles-framework-learning-angularjs-2About the Author: Ajay Kumar Rajak is pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from Goel Institute of Technology and Management, Lucknow. He joined Internshala VTC for AngularJS training and shares how he learned the ropes of AngularJS.

I’ve always enjoyed browsing on the internet for topics related to blogging, part-time jobs, freelancing, internships etc. During one of such random browsing sessions, I stumbled upon Internshala. I tend to quickly register on the sites which excite me (I have accounts almost everywhere over the Internet!). I made an account on Internshala too and went through the different internships. However, I didn’t apply to internships at that time and then completely forgot about it.

Fast forward to a couple of years – I was searching for training programs to build my resume. I already knew JavaScript and then heard about its framework that was maintained by Google itself – AngularJS. I’m from Lucknow and it wasn’t possible for me to leave the city for a training. I started searching on Google for different avenues to learn AngularJS in Lucknow. I got some results and Internshala VTC was one of them.

There were hardly any coaching centers providing meaningful training on AngularJS; either they were too costly or their timings were not suitable for me. When I finally went through the VTC website, I was in for a surprise. I really liked the demo that was provided. Moreover, I didn’t have to travel and could learn according to my own schedule and comfort. I registered for the training program.

The training started and the introduction was very informative. It provided the ideal time period that one needed to devote for individual modules as the program was divided into four modules. At the end of the every module, a test had to be cleared to unlock the next module. There was also a final exam at the end of the program which one needed to clear to get the certificate. The questions tested the concepts that were taught in the training and their practical applications. The tutor, Samarth Agarwal, provided many intricate details and solved each and every query of the students. He even made sure to check our codes and if we still had any problems, he would rectify them. The one on one chat sessions with him were really helpful.

Now, the best thing that I would like to share with everyone – Internshala’s support team. They value their relationship with the students. All the queries and doubts were solved on time through live chat and forums. In the middle of the training, due to some personal reasons, I couldn’t make out time for the program and eventually couldn’t complete it at the end. I was disheartened that I wasn’t able to complete the project. I quickly composed an email and sent it to the support team asking for help. I also contacted through their Facebook page. I got the reply from their page and next day itself I received an email stating that they had extended my training period by 3 weeks so that I could complete it efficiently. I was simply awestruck! All I had asked in the email was that I wanted to have access to the training material! I’m grateful to the VTC team for helping me out.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience and this experience really helped me in frontend development. I even brag at times, as AngularJS provides many easy features in comparison to the lengthy and complex features in other technologies for frontend development that my peers know. Now, I can easily work on the technologies that implement Angular such as MEAN stack. Thank you, Internshala!

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