Reading & Writing Assignment (7) – The Ultimate Resume

We have been saying this for a while and we know you get it, but there is no harm in reiterating the message. If you want to build your communication skills in English, read a page and write something every day.

What will you do in this assignment? – You would read something interesting, watch a video on it, and then answer a question based on those.

Today’s situation

A resume is one of the most important documents that you need to apply for internships and jobs. It is a 1-2 page long document summarizing your education & employment history, achievements, skills, and projects – basically, all the key information that gives a recruiter a clear understanding of who you are and how good a fit you can be for the role.

Another commonly used term for a resume is CV (Curriculum Vitae – means ‘course of life’ in Latin) and while technically there is a difference between a ‘resume’ and a ‘CV’, for the purpose of job/internship application, both the terms can be used interchangeably.

Given how crucial a resume is for one’s career, students always try to impress recruiters by creating a resume that stands out from the crowd. Some even go to the extent of creating their resumes to look like a Google search result :).

The latest in the series of creative resumes is a video resume, where instead of sending your resume as a Word file or PDF, you make a video about yourself (and your skills/education etc.). The idea has been gaining popularity in the West, but the adoption in India has been slow (given the lack of access to suitable video making tools to a large majority as well as slower internet speeds). And just like what some of us may do in our Word resume, a few don’t mind exaggerating in their video resumes as well :). One of my favorite clips (see below) on this is Barney Stinson’s video resume from popular TV show How I Met Your Mother

Question for you– Okay, so Barney took this to an extreme level; however, I am sure you would be lot more honest in answering this question :). What qualities do you think you have which you would like to mention in your resume? Back your answer (minimum 150 words) with an example or a proof from your life for every quality you list.

You can also read fellow students’ answers in comments (but do so only after you have submitted your own answer so that you don’t get influenced by what others wrote). We also encourage you to share your feedback, appreciation, and thoughts against others’ answers. Remember, it is a community effort and we are all in it together :). Only when you participate, you can expect others to participate and share feedback on what you wrote. Deal?

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7 thoughts on “Reading & Writing Assignment (7) – The Ultimate Resume

  • October 14, 2016 at 5:57 PM

    Quality – I have no qualms about doing small work.

    Well, you might ask, “how is that a quality?” Because small works are the building blocks of big ideas; they’re extremely important. And then you may well ask, “oh really?” Well, to answer your question, I would like to share the following [real] life examples.

    A start-up took a goal to get 200 media coverages in a year. Sounds exciting, right? Well, to make that happen, someone had to sit down and

    1. Prepare a list of all possible newspapers, magazines, and e-magazines
    2. Scour the web and find out who (from those media houses) writes about startups in education management
    3. Spend time finding their contact details
    4. Write to the concerned person
    5. then you follow up a number of times to get a reply
    6. And do whatnot.

    And when these small works were integrated, people realised a big, really big goal was achieved – 200 media coverages :)

    Another example – in the movie ‘The Big Shots’, when bankers was busy distributing home loans (and presuming that housing sector is rock solid), somebody took pain of reading through hundreds of bonds and discovered that he could make loads of money if did business with these presumptuous bankers (and he actually did make hundreds of billions ;) )

  • October 15, 2016 at 11:54 PM

    My Quality- Finding moments of fun in moments of seriousness.

    You may disagree and ask me how that’s a quality? One is supposed to be serious about life, work, and responsibilities. But I tend to differ.

    Right when I started my graduation, I heard people saying; “What are you going to do? Fall into that circle of 9 to 5 and leave yourself no space and time to even spend the money you earn?” I didn’t know what all that meant, am supposed to get a job eventually and earn the money to buy myself some bread and clothes, so how bad can it be? And why can’t I do it when my father has been doing it for last 20 years?

    I passed my years of engineering; bunking classes, playing cricket from the aluminum foils that we carried for wrapping rotis in lunch, bitching about the teachers at their back etc. But amidst these moments of fun, there were occasions when I would get scolded for coming late to class, forgetting to do the assignment and even skipping out when I found the lecture boring. With all these traits that am mentioning, you might have already made your mind that am not going to hire this guy. But somehow, those times have made me who I am today. A simple lighthearted human who can extract those moments of fun even when it’s the darkest of instances.

    For me, you do the best of work when you have fun while doing it. A pinch of those laughter moments when even smiling seems a hefty task. I intend to make a difference and simultaneously ease the life of those around me and give them a break they deserve.

  • October 16, 2016 at 2:05 AM

    Talking about 3 of such qualities that I would include in my Resume :)

    I have strong communication skills –
    I have the ability to communicate clearly and effectively in many mediums like verbal, email, over the phone conversations etc. But what I have learned so far in my professional career is that communication is also about being an empathetic listener and having the ability to follow directions really well. It also includes the art of seeking and giving feedback whenever necessary.

    I have a strong work ethic –
    A strong work ethic to me means a dedication to your job not because of the rewards or the incentives it carries but it is based on the belief that is the actual ‘work’ you do that has value and thus it matters. If I would cite some examples from my own life I would say that I have a strong work ethic when it comes to reaching to work on time, strategizing tasks, meeting targets and deadlines and tending to user queries.

    I am a self starter –
    I consider myself a self starter and a self motivator. Throughout my school, college and professional life so far, I have taken on challenges with minimal direction. I am very energetic and disciplined when it comes to taking work and assignments without needing to be told to do so.

  • October 16, 2016 at 12:19 PM

    Quality- Empathy to the customers

    Empathy is a central requirement for building a strong, engaged relationship between the customer and an organization. For me, companies need to ensure that their use matches the needs and expectations of their customer demographic.

    Working in a company as a customer service representative, a huge onus lies on me. Doing the same thing, the whole day can be tiresome. But the feeling of giving a satisfactory response to a customer, who is waiting for his/her query to be resolved, keeps me driving. Each time I take a query, I keep me on the place of that customer, and then think of the best possible solution.

    The ‘happy’ and ‘satisfactory’ feedbacks by the customers bring smile on my face. I feel like my dedication and empathy to the work has been paid off :)

  • October 16, 2016 at 8:11 PM

    ‘I leave no stone unturned to achieve the desirable output and I take feedback constructively.’

    I constructively analyze every problem to drive it to the conclusion and I believe in creating an impact by taking up challenges and solving it enthusiastically. I can’t settle down before I get a solution and this has helped me a lot in surviving in the start-up environment in which one person is assigned multiple tasks. I have gained relentlessness, analytical rigor and a ‘never-give-up’ attitude that is a must. Every day I feel the enthusiasm to take up new challenges, add them to my ‘task-list’ and dive into my own world of accomplishments.

    My second ability is to take feedback sincerely and not seriously. I mark them as stepping stones to be a better human on professional as well as personal front. Initially, I focused more on completing tasks for I feared feedback. But eventually, I realized feedback is nothing but ‘constructive criticism’ which brings the best in you. I see this as the most significant attribute I can count on to work and excel in every environment.

  • March 15, 2017 at 8:31 PM

    Able to perform under pressure

    I’m talking about extreme pressure. My life has been a roller coaster ride, a series of unexpected tragedies every second. Some days my car decides to break down and some days my cats decide to eat to my assignment papers. I have managed surprising and awkward situations ever since my college years. I have managed fest, project, and part-time job efficiently when I was a 2nd-year student.
    There were lot incidents in my life when I had to perform under severe mental pressure. None of that ever affected my work or made me miss me a deadline. Workload is something I never really felt.
    This quality proved very beneficial for me. I have learnt multi-tasking and being ready for every possible situation. The amount of work that I’m able to handle now amazes me.

  • March 30, 2017 at 11:22 AM

    Few qualities, I would like to mention in my resume are:

    1. Self-Learner: I am a self-taught designer. I have learned seven Softwares using videos and articles available on Internet, I have never gone to any design school. I focus more on learning. Even now, I keep experimenting with different software programs which help me in designing. I try to develop all the skills that would help me in making me a better person. I try to improve myself daily.

    2. Dedicated: I am dedicated towards my job or the work given to me. When I used to participate in innovation competitions, I used to work for the almost whole day so that I can meet the submission deadlines. At that time, my resume used to get updated in every 3-4 weeks as I was learning different tools and developing differents skills.

    3. Creative: Since my childhood, I have been experimenting with different art forms. I have always been curious to do creative tasks, whether it is an art form, any innovative product, or any creative post. Now, I am working on UX/UI.


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