Reading & Writing Assignment (8) – The Fallout of Uri Attack

Okay, no more hammering of the same message that you should develop a habit of reading a page and writing a paragraph every day to improve your communication skills. Happy? :)

We’ll try a different approach to our reading and writing assignment for today.

What will you do in this assignment? – You would read something contemporary, watch a video on it, and then debate – with yourself :)

Today’s situation:

On 18th September 2016, 4 terrorists executed one of the worst attacks in the history of Indian Army in Uri sector in Jammu & Kashmir and killed 19 army men. India responded with a slew of diplomatic measures aimed to isolate Pakistan as a terrorist state in front of the international community – a policy that Indian Government has been following for some time. But this time, India also followed up the diplomatic measures with a military move.

On 27th September, 9 days after the Uri attack, Indian army conducted a surgical strike (a limited use of military force to eliminate a specific and precise target) across Line of Control (LoC) at different places in J&K, inflicting significant casualties on terrorists who were stationed at the various terror launch pads in Pak Occupied Kashmir (PoK) and were preparing to cross LoC to create more trouble in India. While the opinion remains divided on whether India has conducted surgical strikes across LoC before, but this was, for sure, the first ever public announcement of the same. The clip below shows the summary of the official announcement made by India in this regard.

One of the fallout of the terrorist attack and subsequent response by India was that some of the Pakistani actors working in India were banned by the film industry and asked to return to their home country. This ban, like most other things in India, was supported by some and opposed by few.

Question for you- What is your view about Indian film industry boycotting Pakistani actors from working in India? Do you support or oppose the move? Since this is a ‘Debate with yourself‘ format, once you are done writing your answer (100-150 words), put yourself in your opponent’s shoes and write an equally convincing argument against your own original views. For example, if you supported the ban originally, write an argument opposing the ban too(100-150 words).

We understand this is an emotional topic for most of us. However, please keep the discourse civil. Remember, your objective of this exercise is to improve your English – stay focused on that. :)

You can also read fellow students’ answers in comments (but do so only after you have submitted your own answer so that you don’t get influenced by what others wrote). We also encourage you to share your feedback, appreciation and thoughts against others’ answers. Remember, it is a community effort and we are all in it together :). Only when you participate, you can expect others to participate and share feedback on what you wrote. Deal?

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9 thoughts on “Reading & Writing Assignment (8) – The Fallout of Uri Attack

  • October 15, 2016 at 9:40 PM

    1. My views in support of Indian film industry boycotting Pakistani actors from working in India?

    After Uri attack and surgical strike, when Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) issued an ultimatum to Pakistani artists working in Bollywood to leave the country within 48 hours, amid tensions between India and Pakistan. Some people supported the decision and some were not in favour of it.

    Many great personalities from Bollywood like Karan Johar, Mahesh Bhatt and Salman Khan opposed the decision. They raised questions like if asking Pakistani artists to go back to Pakistan will stop terror. No, it most certainly will not. But we cannot continue making films with Pakistani actors as if everything is fine, because it is not. Our soldiers are dying and killing to prevent us. This conflict between India and Pakistan is not the soldier’s personal war. Why should he alone sacrifice for India, when others were making merry? Patriotism and sacrifice is not the sole responsibility of the soldier. India is every civilian’s country, as much as it is the soldier’s.

    Indian film artists who do not support the boycott of Pakistani film artists, perhaps, haven’t understood what this boycott stands for. This is just a small supporting gesture to demonstrate their collective support for the nation and the government in its strike against terror and a terror sponsoring state.

    2. Argument opposing the ban –

    After Uri attack, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) issued an ultimatum to Pakistani artists working in Bollywood to leave the country within 48 hours. It may be a small supporting gesture to demonstrate their collective support for the nation and the government in its strike against terror and a terror sponsoring state but these young Pakistani actors have nothing to do with terrorism. They come to India because we are culturally freer and enlightened than Pakistan.

    A ban on Pakistani actors and artists cannot resolve the issue. In fact it may worsen the situation between India and Pakistan. It’s not right to take revenge of Uri attack by throwing Pakistani actors out of India. It’s a crying shame that artists who know no borders and go where their work and passion take them to are being targeted this way.

    Our news channels are focusing on the film critics and film associations fighting over Pakistani actors. Our media should have been more sensitive and focused more on our soldiers, their sacrifices and the misery their families go through.

  • October 15, 2016 at 10:52 PM

    The need of the hour… Really?

    While what happened in the recent attack is highly condemnable and righteous action by our government is indeed the need of the hour, but the Indian film industry boycotting Pakistani actors is not the solution we are all looking for. Let our art and culture be free from such petty politics… please?

    The recent news that the Indian Motion Picture Producers’ Association has banned Pakistani actors, singers and technicians from working in India simply gives a bad name to our Bollywood fraternity in front of the entire world.

    I am all for justice but this is not only an out of place move but also an act of aimless misdirection.

  • October 16, 2016 at 12:02 AM

    Views in support of Indian film industry boycotting Pakistani actors from working in India:

    When Pakistani actors and artists working
    in Bollywood were given a 48-hour notice to leave India by Raj Thackeray’s Maharashtra Navnirman
    Sena (MNS) many questions were raised like, “We should not dismiss them just because they
    are couched in thuggish language”. After all, our Prime Minister- Narendra Modi is trying to create
    friendliness with Pakistan. The subtext of the national mood is “stop being wishy-washy and do
    something to deal with this rogue neighbour.”
    Pakistani artists are doing business in India just to make money then why should we allow them to
    gain from our deeper market for entertainment when their nation is effectively at war with us?
    Why should it be business-as-usual on our side, and war-war from theirs?
    Boycotting Pakistani actors from working in India is an initiative to gather the nation because
    after earning respect and love in India, the Pakistani artists could have taken some step to stop the
    war against India.

    Views in against the support of Indian film industry boycotting Pakistani actors from working in India:

    I think we should act smartly now, instead of boycotting the Pakistani actors from Indian film
    Industry we could demand an overt statement that the actor will promote good relations between Hindus and
    Muslims and will oppose jihadi terrorism in India, both in word and deed. We can assume that if they responded
    positively to such statements and sign them that means they are working in India not only for making
    big bucks but also for the love and support they have earned here. It’s high time to use them.

  • October 16, 2016 at 12:19 AM


    I personally believe that boycotting Pakistani actors from working in India is not the right thing to do, and hence I would start my answer by opposing the topic.

    Terrorist attacks have always been disturbing for the affected country in every manner. Be it the 9/11 incident or the Uri or any other, attacks like these shake a country to its core and it’s very important to take strong actions so that they do not happen in future. But will boycotting Pakistani actors really stop these terror attacks? No! Because these actors or artists are not the ones who are spreading terror. No! Because terrorist groups aren’t losing anything, it’s the actors (opportunities) and we Indians (quality acting, singing, etc.) who are losing something.

    I would like to support my argument with an analogy: at times we listen to news about some unfortunate events like – a Spanish girl filed a case of molestation during her trip to India; or an American woman was raped and killed (a simple Google search will give you a list of all these cases). What if because of cases like these, the US government and/or European Commission plan(s) to ban Indians coming to their country for education or jobs, would that be fair? No! Only because of some malefactors (who might constitute 0.001% or even less of the total population of India) one should not snatch opportunities from those who are deserving and do not have anything to do with such incidents. For these reasons only, I feel, the decision of boycotting Pakistani actors is not just unfair for them but might also worsen the relations between two neighboring countries.

    My argument on supporting the ban –

    Ever since the independence, Pakistan has been continuously poking India over the Kashmir issue and wishes to annex Kashmir at any cost – which has resulted in the wars of 1965, and 1999, and a number of skirmishes and terrorist attacks over the period of last 69 years. It has not just made the lives of people living at border miserable but has also put a tension in minds of people living across the nation. Even after giving proofs showing connections of terrorists with Pakistani army or ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence, Pakistan), the Pakistani Government hasn’t done anything to curb terrorism. Why? Not because they are incapable of doing so, it’s because they simply refuse to accept such kinds of associations. Moreover, India has not been the only target of these terror groups, the 9/11 incident, and Pakistan-Afghanistan wars explain everything. Hence, we should not keep any friendly relation with either Pakistani Government or the people of Pakistan and should boycott every Pakistani (which includes Pakistani actors and artists also) from India.

    Furthermore, the Indian government should raise its concern to the UN and do its best to declare Pakistan a terrorist country. These all collectively will impact Pakistan’s reputation and economy and will force its government to take necessary steps to mitigate terrorism across the globe.

  • October 16, 2016 at 7:27 PM

    My views in support of the ban-

    I see it as the political move to end the deafening silence Pakistan is holding for the past few years on attacks in India. India has been a ground for art and culture celebrating talent across the world. We have foreign artists working in our Industry for years, take into account Katrina Kaif, Jacqueline Fernandez and the most searched artist is also not an Indian Sunny Leone. We have nurtured the artists and the sportsmen such was evident when Fawad Khan stated-“Whenever I have come here, I have experienced tremendous love and hospitality in India and all Indian people have given me a lovely and warm welcome. Last time too and even this year, it feels like family here in India and where ever I have gone in this country it has always been an amazing experience.” But on the contrary, Ashmit Patel did a Pakistani movie with Meera (it was the first co-production between India and Pakistan), the Pakistani government rejected his visa to see its premier and then too, President of Pakistan Shaukat Aziz also said,”I couldn’t do anything.”
    I have seen Pakistani actors tweeting for the devastation caused in Paris Attacks, showing sympathy for the loss of lives but couldn’t digest the silence for the Uri attacks. Were they not able to empathize for the Indian dead? Were they scared to raise a prayer for the dead because of their origin? Were they scared to point out the terror their native country was spreading? Were they trying to avoid any backlash or unpopularity in their homeland?

    I see it as a very irresponsible move on their part while they know they are a significant chord between the two nations in the state of war since 1947. They could have supported to re-establish the cordiality our Prime Minister Mr. Modi has been trying for and saved the countries of further violence and hatred. So, i support the ban of Pakistani artists with a hope that they will realize their part and this ban be only ‘temporary’.

    My views against the ban –

    I see it not as a permanent solution of the terror both the countries are dealing with. We stand for the diversity and patience, yet we resorted to a move that clearly defies it. Art and politics should not be mingled and we should strive for a permanent solution for it is the need of the hour!

  • November 23, 2016 at 8:32 PM

    Whats going on in our country ???
    Some so called politicians are asking for authenticity of surgical strike doubting on their own countrys army
    Some are ppl are saying who had asked soldiers to join army
    Some are saying pakistani artist should not be banned
    Actually its our own who are not united for the country and our martrys
    #Stop this cheap politics indian army didnt need to give u any proof of surgical strike bcz we believe them
    #These soldiers have joined army thats why we r sleeping peacefully in our homes
    Yes no one has asked them to join its their own passion for the country so please respect them they are sacrificing their life for u
    When pakistani actor can say our country comes first then why we indians are not united for our country and soldiers
    When our whole country can condemn peshawar attack then why these actors cant say words for uri attack on humanitarian ground
    These soldiers are also son ,brother husband and father please thi*nk about their families and dont issue such statenents it could hurt them
    Dont let their sacrifice go in vain
    Jai Hind

  • March 16, 2017 at 4:51 PM

    Against –

    The Entertainment industry is all about diversity, creativity, and unbiased expression. The amount of hard work and time they put in shooting a scene just to make it close to perfect is astonishing. If an actor (be it Pakistani or Indian) can bring more justice to the role, he/she should be cast for it. Actors are individuals and are more focused on doing their jobs. The Pakistani actors are not our real threats. It is the terrorists and culprits. The hypocrisy is that some Indian companies continue to engage in business with Pakistan and make millions, the business goes on as usual but we only want Indian films in India to be banned.

    In support –

    They say art has no boundaries then why is Pakistan not allowing the release of Indian movies in Pakistan. Artists are known to be sentimental. Any celebrity making an anti-nationalist statement has a greater influence than a common man’s opinion. People think that the army will handle Pakistan by war and there’s no need for common people to interfere and create a violent situation. But I think this is the most peaceful way to show support without shedding a single drop of blood. War is just an option, it’s not a solution, it will take lives of innumerable soldiers (be Indian or Pakistani), and leave their families deserted.

  • March 21, 2017 at 12:04 PM

    I don’t find any flaw regarding the statement about boycotting the Pakistani actors from cinema.Since we live in a country which has fraternity as one of the gems of constitution, we can’t support members from the country which always focuses on terrorism and expanding its roots.Pakistan has been declared as a terrorist country and no other country wants to hold relation with it except few and that too for selfish needs.It has been a tradition for Pakistan hold a jealousy against Indian people and there are many evidences which prove this fact.
    So I think this was a good initiative by government so as to make them taste their own medicine.
    Also it has been known that many Indians living in Pakistan are brutally thrashed or killed and on the other hand we Indians always welcomes tourists from other countries and treats them equally leaving no scope of discrimination or inequality.So if Pakistan cannot give respect it has no right to take it in fact taking such kind
    of actions would be a better option.
    At last I would like to say that we don’t need to show sympathy for these kinds of people who don’t understand the term humanity and must be thrown out of the country.

  • May 5, 2017 at 12:52 AM

    Against the ban:

    The art should not be limited by any boundary because it spreads the message of peace and love.Due to some recent controversies like terror attacks people are being stereotyped.One such recent incident is “uri attack” carried out by the terrorist infiltrated from the Pakistan originated Kashmir.
    I strongly condemn this act of terrorism and also the act of Indian film industry who are banning the film artist and singer of Pakistan from working into the industry. Isn’t it more inhumane to punish someone for someone else crime.These artist are highly talented and reputed individuals who shouldn’t bear the brunt of the crime committed by some random group of lunatics. This shows our decreased level of tolerance, narrow thinking and frustration.
    Moreover this repercussion by the Indian film industry will not inflict any major injury to terrorist.Instead they should be answered in the same way.This will instill fear into their heart and will deter further attack on Indian soil.Further, banning the Pakistani artist might severe official relationship with our neighbour Pakistan.Hence in all the way banning Pakistani artist is not a valid option.

    Support the ban:

    The double attack conducted by India firstly, by launching a surgical strike on the terrorist post and secondly, the act of boycotting artist would put tremendous pressure on the Pakistani Government to clamp on the activity conducted by the terrorist.It shows that India is no longer tolerant to any attack from Pakistan side.

    Further this boycott will hurt the Pakistan economically.Pakistani artists and singers earn huge revenue through their professions in India.It goes in the form of tax to the Pakistani government.Boycott will reduce the earning of the artist and subsequently hit the earning of Pakistan.All these steps will put pressure on the Pakistan to crack down on the terror activities.Hence it could finally lead to the increase in the safety and security of Indians.


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