Getting Google Certification – My Tryst With Digital Marketing

getting-google-certification-my-tryst-with-digital-marketingAbout the Author: Priyanshu Goyal is pursuing BBA in Banking and Insurance from Maharaja Surajmal Institute, Delhi. He joined Internshala VTC for Digital Marketing training and shares how he became the Media Head of his college’s E-Cell.

Online training – this word is enough to develop dozens of doubts in anyone’s head. The doubts about whether the training would be valuable, whether the queries would be solved, whether an offline coaching center would be a better choice etc. Somewhere, I felt the same. All these questions were in the back of my mind, so how did I decide to join Internshala VTC?

In May, I first attended a digital marketing workshop organized by Internshala. That was the moment when I came to know about the importance of digital marketing and how it was impacting the world. I was intrigued and excited by its numerous prospects. Later, I applied for some digital marketing internships but didn’t get any response. After all, why would someone hire a person who has nothing except some mark sheets? I realized that I needed to develop some practical skills. The digital marketing training on VTC was quite affordable and since I was curious about the phenomenon of online training, I decided to join it.

Soon, the training started. It was my first step into the fascinating world of digital marketing and nothing could have been better than this. I came to know about Google AdWords, SEO, web analytics, social media marketing, and much more. As I already had my own blog, I started applying the knowledge I was gaining through that. I got good support from my mentor and the queries were also solved by the support team. The doubts that haunted me before joining were finally cleared. The assignments and tests after every module kept me active throughout the training.

Finally, the training got over. Now, I had enough skills to showcase in my resume, and more importantly, I had the confidence to go out and express myself. I even went for an interview to become the member of the E-cell in my college. Thanks to the skills that I had learned, I was selected and was even appointed as the Media Head. Presently, I’m preparing a minor project report on digital marketing and soon going to receive my Google AdWords Certification.
Thank you, Internshala, for introducing me to the realm of digital marketing. I’m sure that the skills which I learned during the training will keep helping me throughout my career.

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