How to use punctuation effectively – A complete guide

In this article of English with Internshala, you will learn the ropes of effective punctuation in the English language. With the help of handpicked YouTube videos, we’ll focus on the different forms of punctuation and how you can use them effectively. However, before you do that, take this quick quiz to test your understanding of the punctuation rules and see where you stand.

Let’s start watching the videos of the YouTube Channel Punctuation Nation. The first couple of videos explain the types of sentences and clauses present in the English language and how we can effectively use a comma on the basis of those sentences/clauses.

This third video explains the difference in the usage of a colon and a semicolon.

The last video sheds light on the usage of some other forms of punctuation like apostrophes, brackets, parentheses etc.

Extra-read: Check out Oatmeal’s comic strips on how one should an apostrophe and a semicolon.

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