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internshala-the-place-to-make-it-happenAbout the Author: Apurva Khanduri, a member of the Student’s team, recently completed two months at Internshala. She shares some insightful details about her experience of working with the Internshala team.

Have you ever watched a movie and just envied how the characters seem to be having so much fun at their jobs, when you know how boring and drab desk jobs can be? Well, then you certainly have never interned at Internshala. Honestly, before Internshala, even I couldn’t imagine thinking of looking forward to something such as an ‘internship’. Surprised much?

When I first applied for the position of a marketing intern at Internshala, I wasn’t even expecting to get through the first round. However, after a few written and telephonic interviews, I finally got a call from Shekhar who informed me that I had been selected. Now even though I pretended to be calm during the conversation, as soon as he disconnected I was jumping and squealing, much to the annoyance of bystanders. However, soon the excitement subsided and reality took its place. With this being my first internship, my mind was cluttered with thousands of questions – “How am I supposed to start?”, “Will I be able to work all day in a cubicle?”, “Will it be boring?”- the list was endless!

I approached the office on my first day with so much nervousness that I was completely sure that everyone in a 5-mile radius would hear my heart thumping like a maniac. But when I opened the door and finally stepped inside, the picture in front of me wasn’t quite what I had expected (and I’m saying this with a lot of relief). The cubicles were replaced by comfy spaces and bean-bags, the formal clothes by cool T-shirts, and robotic employees by warm people who were busy working their magic on their laptop screens. Everyone in the office seemed really amazing and I couldn’t believe that I’d get to be a part of this busy, yet fun environment for the next 6 months.

Being a part of the Student’s Team, I had to deal with student related issues and university relations, all of which seemed a little confusing at first, but with the help of almost everyone (Fear not distressed civilian- anyone can be your superhero at Internshala!), I was able to get a better grasp on my work. Another important thing which I learned was how important the culture is for all of us. It’s not something that’s just written and forgotten about; every one of us lives by it. Whether it is Users at the heart of everything, Keep it simple or Have fun at what you do (this one is followed with utmost seriousness!) – culture is central to everything that is done here. Everyone at Internshala lives by the motto “Do Epic Shit” and I can’t wait to perform some epic shit myself.

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  • March 30, 2018 at 11:47 PM

    What to do with those internships?
    As I am a medical student, I can hardly attend all offline programs . But, online ones , I can attend surely .


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