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About the Author: Prabhat Kumar is pursuing B.Tech in Electronics Engineering from National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, Aurangabad. He joined Internshala Trainings for VLSI Design with VHDL and shares how it provided a fresh alternative to the age-old education system.

It may sound weird but I enrolled for this training just because the classroom lectures on this subject were going way above my head like bouncers. I’m not a very good reader so just depending on the books was also not a viable option. To top it all, the professor who was teaching us this subject started directly from the advanced topics. Right from the beginning of the semester he talked about advanced topics and used words like instantiation, block, architecture, attributes, and concatenation etc. These terms were like Spanish to us and we had no idea whatsoever. Thus, I decided to enroll for this training so that I could at least stay on top of my syllabus.

When one of my friends told me that the training was not in the video format, I almost dropped the idea of joining it. However, the very next day he forwarded me links to two articles on the Internshala blog which talked about why one should go for the online training programs and why Internshala Trainings was a good choice to make. (I have provided those links at the end.) Thus, I started the training. The training syllabus was designed and structured keeping in mind the human psychology. No long stretches of plain text like the boring textbooks and every module had a test at the end without passing which one couldn’t move to the next module. This definitely helped in maintaining my interest and concentration throughout the training.

To be honest, I was also worried about how my doubts would be solved. But the live chat option with the experts for 2 hours every night was really helpful and they cleared all my doubts on time. Apart from this the chat and call support of the Internshala’s team for general queries was constantly available.

The 6 weeks long training program covered important aspects of VHDL Basics, Combinational Circuits, Sequential Circuits, and Advanced Circuits. Though you may start the program as a novice, you’ll definitely develop a solid understanding of the basics in the end. Being a Training and Placement Coordinator of my college, many times I had to visit nearby engineering colleges in Aurangabad. It came as a shock to me when teachers there told that they didn’t have any faculty who could teach any hardware description languages. They were forced to skip those topics from the syllabus! Such is the dearth of proper educational resources in our country when it comes to VLSI. I’m really glad that I could find one in the form of Internshala Trainings.

Thank you, Internshala, for providing me this opportunity. I would suggest everyone who wants to make a career in this field to go through this training. It will not only help you in the ‘Digital System Design career’ but will also give you an edge over others if you plan to make a career in the software industry.

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    I have help in intership in VLSi design

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    I m a first year student of btech electronics and communication engineering from CHANDIGARH UNIVERSITY . I am interested in ROBOTICS.Please help me how can i increase my skills in robotics through INTRENSHALA.


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    Thank you for sharing the experience. i would like to join the internship .

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