Living the dream – First chapter of my professional journey

living-the-dream-first-chapter-of-my-professional-journey-2About the Author: Aakash Anand, a computer science graduate, joined Internshala as a Corporate Marketing intern and handles Ad-Sales. He recently completed two months at Internshala and recounts his journey with the team.

Nothing could be better than interning at a company whose main focus is on providing internships to students. After completing my B.Tech in computer science, I was expected to join some coding or software firm. However, I chose to walk on a different path.

As I was always at the front when it came to organizing and marketing of fests and events during college, I had developed a keen interest in marketing. Having an entrepreneurial mind, I was also intrigued by the startup culture. So after completing my graduation, I was looking to work at a startup. I had used Internshala platform during college and found it extremely helpful for those students who don’t have a jugaad in uncle ki company or papa ka business. After I applied for the internship, I was asked to propose a business plan for expansion of the company. Next, I was called for an interview with Shadab. I was grilled in the interview but I cleared it successfully; it was followed by an interview with Sarvesh, founder of Internshala. The interview lasted almost two hours and it was like a rapid fire because he had a counter question for every answer I gave. With all rounds cleared, I was offered an internship. I was assigned the role of Corporate Marketing (Ad-Sales). Kavya is my work buddy and she is a great help in exploring my role as well as the company.

Internshala is a cool place with a bunch of 30-40 guys doing epic shit. The work culture is amazing. There is no hierarchy and no bosses. It’s a team; every player is a rock star in her field and the captain of the team always leads from the front. Help is always given at Hogwarts Internshala to those who ask for it – I always received a helping hand whenever I needed one. Coming to my role, I simply love my job. I feel like the Jordan Belfort from Wolf of Wall Street – number crunching, conversions, and dealing with corporates are the tools of my trade. Internshala being the first chapter of my career, I expect it to be a great experience. Hopefully, it’ll also help me in discovering myself as I move forward in my professional journey.

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