Interns – Not just a cog in the machine

Interns - Not just a cog in the machineAbout the Author: Mudit Jain is the co-founder and CEO of Qriyo, an Ed-Tech startup offering courses in academics, co-curricular, and fitness domains. He talks about his experience of working with interns and shares how they are not just a cog in the machine for his company.

We believe in the potential of the young minds, their creativity, and their eagerness to prove themselves. Their efforts to take this world by surprise make us enthusiastic to know more about their ideas, to let them explore as they learn, to polish their skills, and to give them a direction and guidance so that they don’t waver on their paths. Through Internshala, we were able to reach some of these great young minds and teach them what we know while learning whatever we can in return.

Internshala provided us four innovative and beautiful minds – Deepanwita Dey as the content writer, Anirudh Vyas as the business analyst, Shubham Gupta as the operations intern, and Kirti Gupta in the Sales division. Our main objective behind hiring interns is to complete critical tasks on time and manage growth hacking ideas. In the hustle and bustle of our lives, we hardly get any time to implement the various ideas crossing our minds. Our interns are here to help achieve this task while adding to it with their own set of exciting ideas and thoughts.

We give them tasks which incorporate an in-depth research for which one needs to be very diligent and meticulous. This allows our interns to learn something new every day and open a wide range of fields and opportunities to which they were oblivious before. We set up new processes and projects where experimentation is required and allow our interns to pour in their own thoughts, views, and ideas to help enhance it further. They work hard and deliver their best while incessantly evaluating where they stand.

Deepanwita is really passionate about content writing and works with passion. She took our content and marketing team by storm. She not only works at a ferocious pace but also works very professionally. Everyone keeps talking about this talented girl. Anirudh is very systematic, meticulous, and hardworking. We gave him a very critical task of Udaipur expansion research which he completed and also went out of his way to dig deeper into it and came up with the details of Udaipur Education Ecosystem. Shubham did an almost impossible task of pulling 15 events in a span of 2 months. He also incredibly managed the approvals, management, and marketing of promotional events conducted across Jaipur. Kirti joined early on and set up the sales pitch. She worked hard in the B2B arena of sales and excelled wonderfully.

We believe that our interns should have a real learning experience in corporate environment. We do not discriminate and give them petty tasks; we consider them as an important part and thus give them the same responsibilities as any other regular employee. They work under senior authorities and report directly to them. We constantly look out for our interns. We think of them as unpolished gems and help them through every step, encouraging them when they lack confidence, appreciating their incessant endeavors, and not letting them get depressed by forgiving their mistakes.

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