Digital marketing to me was mere advertisements until Internshala happened!

Digital-marketing-to-me-was-mere-advertisements-until-Internshala-happenedAbout the Author: Prerna Rachel Seymour is pursuing PGPM in Marketing from IBS, Mumbai. She joined Internshala VTC for Digital Marketing training and shares how the practical knowledge helped her in getting placed at a global analytics company.

To start with, I’m a marketing maniac. I love reading and updating myself on various marketing trends. In 2015, I got admission in a B-school, with a clear goal of specializing in the field of marketing and living my dreams with House of Brands, Service Marketing, Consumer Behavior etc. I was doing quite well in the first year of MBA when I started realizing that even though my theoretical knowledge in the field of marketing was flying high, my practical knowledge wasn’t even able to take its first flight.

For me, digital marketing was just advertisements and company posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other such social sites. I was not able to realize the depth of the digital marketing strategies. When I shared my apprehensions with one of my faculties, the faculty advised me to take up an online training for learning new concepts and getting hands-on experience. Internshala had always been the guiding teacher who I looked up to when it came to internships, and so I extended this trust to their training programs too.

After checking out the Internshala Virtual Training Centre website, I joined their online Digital Marketing training. And this turned out to be the masterstroke that became the game changer for me. The tutorial videos, assignments, tests at the end of every module, and most importantly my mentor for the training, Mr. Amitabh Verma, played an important part in making sure that I really understood all the concepts. The tutorial videos were student-friendly and every concept was taught from the scratch! From email marketing, SEO, and Google AdWords to various social media tactics, everything was demonstrated.

The best part of the training for me was the concept of anytime, anywhere learning. I used to watch and learn from the videos as per my comfort and schedule, sometimes late in the night and sometimes in the noon. Also, I could shoot any question or doubt without worrying about how silly it might sound, something which wouldn’t be possible in a brick and mortar classroom!

At the end of the training, I created a blog and devised a complete online marketing strategy as a part of the final project. The training provided me the practical knowledge of how digital marketing is actually incorporated in the business world and how the companies use various social platforms to build their brand. I also gained insights into how a brand actually analyses the market, tracks its customers, and finally creates a path to attract the customer – and all these learnings before I had even taken my first step into the corporate world.

Today, I can proudly brag about my knowledge of digital marketing. The training provided me a well-developed base for venturing into the world of digital marketing and boosted my confidence. The experience further helped me during campus placement as I could answer the interviewer’s questions confidently, with better insights, and without beating around the bush. As a result, I’ve been placed as a senior market research analyst at Blueocean Market Intelligence, one of the leading global analytics companies in Mumbai.
Thank you, Internshala, for providing the students such an amazing platform where they can learn and educate themselves.

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