Hello, Internshala Trainings! (and a warm adieu to Internshala VTC)

Hello-Internshala-Trainings-and-a-warm-adieu-to-Internshala-VTCBack in 2013, when we launched our online training platform- Internshala Virtual Training Center (popularly known as Internshala VTC), it was a big leap in our quest of creating a world full of opportunities for every student. Learning a new skill is imperative for students’ development and opens doors to new and different opportunities (including internships). Our objective was to remove the roadblock called ‘How and where to learn a new skill that would actually be useful for me without burning a hole in my pocket?’ from students’ life. We also wanted to remove the barriers of distance and time associated with physical trainings and wanted to build a platform where students can learn any time of their choice and from the comfort of anywhere they want – a platform truly in sync with today’s mobile generation.

In this long journey, as tens of thousands of students learned on our platform, we also learned a number of things. This, in turn, has helped us create a better learning experience for our students. Each of these learning has resulted in the evolution of our training platform and the way we impart these trainings. Each moment of this journey so far has been exciting and fulfilling for us.

We are happy and proud to announce the next BIG step in our journey to build absolutely the best learning platform. Internshala VTC  is now Internshala Trainings  – a faster and sleeker platform to deliver a better learning experience.

So what has really changed?

  1. Better and focused learning

The new platform offers a superior learning experience.  You can now concentrate and learn better as the linear learning track results in focused learning. The doubt solving mechanism is better and you can now learn from the doubts of learners like you. Overall, the learning platform is simpler, sleeker, and faster.
This also means that we will have to take the content of our training programs also to next level to match this new platform. Steadily, we are revamping the content of all the training programs to deliver finer content (which would be largely video based) for a superior learning experience.

  1. One Internshala brand

Two popular products that we have built – internship and training platform – share one common vision. This exercise is also an opportunity for us to build one strong Internshala brand as opposed to two different brands – Internshala and VTC (or Internshala VTC).

Our name has changed, the values that we stand for remain just the same. Users still remain at the heart of everything we do. We are committed as ever to deliver the best learning experience. And with this change, we’ve just taken the next step towards realizing our vision – to create the world full of opportunities for every student.

PS – In case you are wondering that ‘Trainings’ is not grammatically correct, you are right. However, we believe it is much simpler to use than ‘Training Programs’ and with ‘Trainings’ being increasingly used in day to day language, we hope to see it getting accepted in formal language soon and are happy to add a push from our side to accelerate that transition.

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