How managing an event transformed me from Navneet to Navneet 2.0


About the Author: Navneet Kumar Rao is a student of Symbiosis Institute of Technology. He talks about the first event he managed and how he made it successful with his hard work. 

I was in the final semester of mechanical engineering. I had already done internships in tool room department at Forbes Marshall, Pune and in utility department at ONGC, Uran. Consequently, I had a good exposure to working as an engineer. So, I decided to do an internship in the field of business development and management since I was planning to pursue an MBA. I expected to get a fair idea about the current market, the culture of entrepreneurs, and the skills required to be a leader. I began searching for relevant internships and came across Internshala. I registered on it and applied to Spartan Sports Event Pvt. Ltd., Pune. Their selection procedure consisted of four rounds – an aptitude test, a group discussion, personal interview, and a psychological test. I received a call regarding the interview after few days. In the meantime, I had been practicing aptitude tests, staying updated with the news, and working to improve my communication skills.

The day of the interview was a long one. I took a general aptitude test followed by a group discussion on Indian economy and demonetization. After clearing this set of rounds, I was called for an interview with the director, Rutvik Kulkarni, and the co-founder, Anup Vichare. They asked me basic questions about my family, my educational background, extracurricular achievements, my hobbies, and interests. They asked me about my friends and my travel stories. In the end, I was asked to state five developments in national or international political and business domains that were in news. After a rigorous interview, I was selected as an intern.

It was my first day at work, and I was brimming with excitement. I reached the office and had a small introductory session with my co-workers. I was to work on a fitness event, REP WARS, in Mumbai. The director pitched me the necessary details and asked me to analyze the project. I, being a fitness freak myself, enjoyed every minute of it. The following day I was informed of my responsibilities.

Before the event, I was to gain a comprehensive understanding of the event and make notes. I communicated with the designer and the marketing department to fix brochures for the event and form strategies to attract a large crowd respectively. I managed the space for the event. I met with senior managers of companies associated with fitness to seek sponsorship and partnership. I also interacted with the officials of the gyms functioning in the areas close to Mumbai regarding their participation in the event. Another task I took up was regular monitoring of the followers of the event and working on strategies to raise the number. During the event, I took care of participants and sponsors and managed spaces for them. I monitored the accounts department and ensured a smooth conduction of the event. I also kept the director updated as the event progressed.

The event got over in May and with it ended the four months of my internship. The event was a huge success being the first of its kind in Mumbai. During the internship, I discovered that I had many capabilities. I learned to handle not only stress and hindrances in work but also a crowd of enthusiastic people. The team appreciated the hard work I had put to make the event successful. My management skills and leadership qualities were polished. When I stepped out of the organization, I felt like a brand new person. I was excited, and my family was proud. I faced a lot of challenges during the internship but I kept going, embracing every situation that showed up and tackling it with ease. This proved to be a big step towards developing an improved version of myself – high on knowledge and higher on morale!

I’d thank the team of Spartan Sports Events Pvt. Ltd. for being extremely cooperative and Internshala for making it so easy to grab an opportunity and jump into the sea of learning.

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