I loved writing. Here’s how I turned my hobby into a lucrative career through four internships.

I-loved-writing.-Heres-how-I-turned-my-hobby-into-a-lucrative-career-through-four-internships.About the Author: Ayushi Chaudhary completed her graduation from Lady Irwin College, Delhi. She talks about her love for writing and how she converted her passion into a career.

Reading has always been my hobby. As I grew up, I started penning down my thoughts and in no time my pen became my best friend. Soon, the pressure of getting into a good college and scoring good marks managed to get on the top of the priority list and the friendship with my pen faded away. In college days, when doing an internship was one big task, I got to know about Internshala. I registered on the platform and started applying for internships. My joy knew no bounds when the first virtual internship I got shortlisted for required me to write articles. The company was Dose Internet Media and I had to write articles for their website listaka.com. The possibility of befriending my long lost friend ignited a spark in me. I submitted a sample article on ‘Feel Good Factors’. They liked my write up and I was hired!

During the internship, I wrote listicles on various themes likes relationships, health, etc. Some of the major ones were 6 benefits of sunlight for your health, 10 health benefits of green tea, 10 dishes pregnant women crave for, etc. I also wrote descriptive articles on the tourism industry in places like The United Kingdom and Dubai. Seeing my name below the titles of those published articles was like a dream come true. And, of course, it also helped me earn some pocket money!

This was just the beginning of my journey. Next, I did volunteer work through college for PeeBuddy, the product that helps women stand and pee. My work mainly entailed creating awareness among people about the product through different campaigns. Soon after that, I got a question creation internship with Excellion Technologies Pvt. Ltd. through Internshala. The selection procedure was simple – I had to answer some basic questions regarding my educational background and future goals after which I was selected. My work mainly focused on creating questions on current affairs for various competitive exams.
I got another virtual internship soon and this time it was for content writing. After submitting a writing sample and giving a short telephonic interview, I was hired by BuddyMantra. My work included writing listicles on a variety of topics like top 10 inspirational women of all times, top 10 hottest footballers, Can love be arranged, top 10 dangerous snakes, etc.

Soon, I was in the final year and I could hardly get any time for internships. After graduation, I decided to browse internships again. To my dismay, I got shortlisted for many but wasn’t hired. This continued for a month and I was getting restless. However, before I could be depressed, I got shortlisted for an internship at Gradestacks Learning Pvt. Ltd. The internship required the candidates to prepare questions for different competitive exams, and so I was asked to create some questions with detailed solutions as an assignment. After that, I was hired as the content writing intern.

I worked really hard as I had got a chance after months of dejection. The experts of the organization helped me improve by providing continuous feedback, help, and motivation. The internship came to an end, but everyone was really impressed by my work and so I got the chance to convert it into a permanent affair. I faced a three-round interview with the Vice President (Content team), the Community Manager (Banking team), and the final one with the CEO. It went well and I got the job. I’m a part of the banking and SSC test series team now and handle the English section of both examinations. My role is to provide quality content to the aspirants for practice, solve their queries, and guide them. It involves setting test papers, quizzes, and mock exams. The biggest challenge is to travel 3 hours in the metro to reach office but the work environment of the company motivates me to wake up every day with a more determined and enthusiastic approach. I’ve been working as a content writer for about five months now and pursuing a distance MBA alongside.

Thank you, Internshala, for being the sculptor of my career and helping me convert my passion into my occupation!

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