Interning at YourPhysio: How I discovered my true potential



About the Author: Sagar Daliya is a student of Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani. He interned at a health care based startup, YourPhysio, and shares how an internship helped him develop diverse skills, and brought him closer to self-discovery. 

You often find yourself engulfed in questions whose answers seem distant. You think about them repeatedly and your efforts lead you nowhere. I was on a constant quest to find answers to my questions – “Will I, with all my knowledge, interests, and skills, be of any significance to the world?”, “Will my work bring any change in the lives of people?” I knew I had to work to figure out the answers. What I didn’t know at that time was that it isn’t the answer that matters, but the process of finding it that does.

I was considering working as a marketing intern in the summer after my sophomore year. Looking for internships, I came across a post from a college senior, Ashutosh Mundhada, regarding the requirement of marketing interns at his startup named YourPhysio based on health care. I mailed my resume to him and got selected.

I still remember my first day; I walked into the office, unsure of my roles and responsibilities. There was a streak of worry if I would be able to manage two internships – one based on the college requirements and the other at YourPhysio – simultaneously or not. Ashutosh explained my work structure and I knew that those two months were going to be full of learning. The process involved understanding the problem, ideating the solution, testing it out, and finally analyzing the result. The best part was the freedom, flexibility, and the trust that the team endowed, which resulted in an ever-improving performance.

It was exactly what I was looking for – to be able to see a visible impact of the work that I was doing. However, the travel involved and the reduced social life owing to the two internships was taking a toll on me, and I felt too tired to continue by the end of the first week. I explained it to Ashutosh and his statement instilled in me a spirit to not give up and fight the difficulties I was facing. He said, “If you really want to achieve what you set out for, then quitting is never an option”. Soon, I lost count of all the problems and enjoyed everything I did.

From learning the basics of marketing to developing the first AdWords campaign, from connecting with the experts in the field of marketing to increasing the social media engagement and reaching out to different physios, I had an overflowing cup of learning at my disposal. I also learned about the scrum process which involved keeping a track record of each employee’s performance and was amazed to see how greatly it increased my work efficiency. Then, there were Friday demos wherein everyone shared their weekly tasks. It was overwhelming to find out about the diverse set of work that each team member was doing. Different activities that were organized at the office and my work experiences made the internship memorable.

During the internship, I had had some long conversations with Ashutosh regarding the visions of the company. Not only I came closer to the answers that I had been seeking but also developed vital skills – time management and planning. In consort with this, I gained an insight on how digital marketing industry works and got a better picture of my future plans.

Working at YourPhysio was a super intense and fun experience. It helped develop my work ethics too. The excitement of creating something from scratch and being able to see its results gave me an indescribable satisfaction. I will always cherish those two months of my internship. Thank you YourPhysio and all the best!

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