My 1st glance into the professional world : Kenneth’s internship story


About the Author: Kenneth Gomes from Deshbandhu College, Delhi University, writes about his selection process and gives us a look-in to his first experience into the professional world.

The transition from a college student to a professional happens through a few steps. One of the most critical ones is making a strong & charming C.V. That is how my pursuit to build a C.V. began. I had to subdue my indecisiveness and start interning somewhere, as I had completed two years of college, and I had spent the free time traveling and following other pursuits.

After my exams, I started surfing through the Intershala website, as many people had informed me that this was the place where I could get an internship. I commenced my venture and applied for a few internships. And then came the ‘probation period’ (as I like to refer to it) – where I spent my time in anxiousness contemplating whether I was good enough to be selected, and what that rejection would feel like. I checked the website daily; after 3 days of my ordeal, I was elated to see the status change from ‘Waiting’ to ‘Shortlisted’. The organization’s name was Global Village Foundation. I felt ecstatic going through the job profile as it seemed to like a perfect fit.

Next day, I went for the interview wearing a crisp shirt, and with confident eyebrows. I entered the office, and I was taken aback by the professionalism with which the office was structured – with cubicles, and all the pre-requisites needed to distinguish the workspace from a household. It was the first time that I was entering into a professional world but I made sure that I looked like a part of it. Soon, I realized that there were a few more candidates, and acknowledged that there was a competitive environment around. By the time I introduced myself to the other candidates, I was summoned to the adjoining room for my interview. I sat in a room where I could feel the seriousness, with which the proceedings of the interview were going to take place. I was asked a few questions testing my aptitude skills, personality, and how I’d behave in a workplace which was more diverse than we imagined it to be. I hoped my communication skills would win them over, however, their responses were accompanied with a straight face. After the interview, I was instructed to wait outside, as, after the interview, we were supposed to perform a task. I sat outside while the other candidates had their interviews. After a short while, all of us were asked to write about ‘Swachh Gurgaon’ as this organization was affiliated with the Government of Haryana, and the ongoing project was to make Gurgaon clean. After a brainstorming task, we were asked to leave, and we were told that we would be informed in a day or two about the results.

The next two days were brutal. I had my phone right next to me for two days but was disappointed every time my phone rang, and I realized it wasn’t them. The 2nd day, at around 4 pm, I began to argue in my head, feeling absolutely gutted that I wasn’t picked. It was a huge blow to my self-esteem – which wasn’t much anyway. I got a phone call from a number that didn’t exist in my phone contacts. When I answered, I was told that I had been selected for the internship, and I had to join from the next day. And then came that little part of my life which I refer to as ‘happiness’.

Next day, I was at work 10 mins. before time – to compliment my punctuality. I was then introduced to everyone. I got my first task, shortly as well, which included a lot of research, and the use of MS-Word and MS-Excel, which I gladly did as I was proficient in it. My colleagues were very generous with their words & gestures, and soon, I felt very comfortable with everybody. The professional life was very tiring and kept me on my toes all the time, but it was greatly fulfilling as well. I had to go to meetings, do field work, and document it all. It was a wonderful experience. I made sure my work lived up to the standards in terms of quality and ethics. Complimentary tea and beverages were given and employee satisfaction definitely seemed like a priority for the company.

I learned a lot of things that are required in the occupational world – self-reliance is one of those. I worked for one and a half months, and although I wanted to, I couldn’t work any longer because I had to resume going to college. The experience was pleasant, and it encouraged me to do more internships to learn about the diverse ways of applying the theoretical knowledge I’ve acquired in college in a systematic and practical way.

Before I worked here, I always thought traveling, and having no responsibilities was desirable, but now, I can surely say that working might be tiresome, but it’s rewarding in ways beyond the monetary value that it avails to one. So, work hard and chill!

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