My ‘perfect internship’ – A blend of biotechnology and writing


About the Author: Glancis Luzeena Raja, a student of biotechnology at SRM University, shares how she learnt the art of science writing. 

We are familiar with the importance of internships; they provide a first-hand exposure to working in a corporate, facilitate the development of new skills, and enhance resumes through relevant skills and experiences. Hoping to position myself for success in landing a job, I began looking for an internship that would help me refine my profile as a bioengineer. To my dismay, I couldn’t find a single internship that intrigued me enough to apply.

I thought of trying my luck with Internshala and registered on it seeking work from home internships. Days of sifting through numerous job posts led me to a post by Medgenera Tech Pvt. Ltd. They were inviting applicants to write reports on the latest events in the field of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. This internship was a merger of two of my passions – science and writing. Applicants were required to possess a basic knowledge of science and an ability to write. I submitted my application with crossed fingers. A few days later, I was informed of being shortlisted and received a call for a telephonic interview. The interviewer, Pankaj Mishra, the CEO of the company, put forth questions addressing my education, hobbies, my interest in the field of biotechnology, reasons for applying for the internship, and my expectations. He also asked me if I had any prior work experience, and how committed I would be to my work to which I replied satisfactorily. He discussed the work hours with me and hired me as a biotech and pharma journalist (intern).

I was assigned a news item every day and was asked to write an article based on it by the end of the day. The news items included recent advances in the pharmaceutical industry, details of drugs approved or disapproved by the FDA, drugs clearing the clinical trials, etc. Writing these articles required me to research into the history of respective organizations, different versions of a drug, and its current status of development including its marketing and market reception. Some articles required me to explain the mechanism of drug action and implications for introducing a drug into the market in layman’s terms. My mentor would edit these articles and publish them on the company’s website. We had regular conversations wherein she would provide feedbacks on improving my writing style and the quality of the content. The founder of the company would also converse with me regarding progress in the work and my experience with them. They were open to any suggestions I gave for the betterment of the functioning of the organization.

The internship provided me an opportunity to keep abreast of the latest happenings in my field of interest as well as to hone my writing skills. I learnt to communicate with a diverse audience keeping the gist of the subject intact. A lot of reading and researching being involved in the job, I enhanced my conceptual knowledge. Regular discussions with my mentor regarding my progress accelerated suggestions and constructive criticism.

The internship elevated my research writing skill which has emerged as a very crucial aspect for those working in the field of sciences. The stipend I received was an icing on the cake. In view of my excellent work, I was offered a full-time job in the organization. Though I declined the offer to continue with my higher education, I believe this provides a sound opportunity to those who wish to continue with such a challenging and interesting job. Over the years, I have interned in various laboratories and research institutes, but this internship would always be one of the most rewarding experiences.

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