How I learnt the nuances of trading – one trick at a time


About the Author: Arunika Shaj Kumar joined Internshala Trainings for Beginner’s Trading Certification training. She talks about learning the basics of trading and how she invested in stock market. 

A while ago, I felt a sudden spontaneous urge to become productive and independent, and I turned to Internshala, one of the sites that had caught my fancy. A few months back, I received a mail from Internshala regarding their new training programs. My eyes immediately got stuck at the Beginner’s Trading Certification training. I had been wanting to learn it for quite some time then as my friends were fiddling with their accounts. I had attended a workshop regarding the same which too had piqued my curiosity. I had tried learning the basics of trading online but most of the platforms that offered a training in trading focussed on its theoretical aspects like calculation of the key financial ratios. So when I received Internshala’s mail regarding the training, I jumped at the chance of unfolding the practical aspects of trading! What blew me away was the mock stock with TrakInvest and for once I didn’t have any doubts about joining the training.  

I waited eagerly for the training to start and when it did – it surprised me yet again. The videos were short but packed with information unlike those in the courses I had previously taken. I made notes of everything that was explained and attempted the module tests with utmost enthusiasm. I had finished the modules and it was time to put the knowledge I had gathered to test. The course kept me engaged from beginning to end. It made me change my daily routine from checking WhatsApp messages and social media sites to checking stock prices. The mere joy of owning a premium account in TrakInvest was unparalleled. The currency (50 Lacs) that I was provided comforted me to explore different sectors and invest in them. This did wonders to my knowledge of stocks and current affairs.  

I would keep track of my portfolio during my lunch breaks. Sometimes I would show it to my family and friends and ask for their advice. The training provided me with the much-needed exposure to the real stock market and helped me overcome the reservations I had regarding the whole process of trading and investing. I still use my account actively to trade and plan to do so till I have my own Demat account. The feeling of finally having learnt something valuable is insurmountable, and I am waiting for my summer break to begin so that I can learn yet another skill.

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