My journey at Hulladek Recycling: From being an intern to leading interns


About the Author: Mayank Khanna, a student of The Bhawanipur Educational Society College, talks about his first internship and how he learned the nitty gritty of a corporate world. 

It is vital to have work experience before entering a corporate and the best way to attain it is through an internship. An internship provides a practical view of the theoretical concepts and delivers professional skills to novices. With an intent of exploring opportunities and flourishing my knowledge, I started seeking internships; however, I didn’t have a fair idea where to find one. This was when a colleague introduced Internshala. I was baffled to see the wide array of internships provided and applied to four companies for a marketing profile. 

After few days, I received a call from Hulladek Recycling Pvt. Ltd. which was my first ever telephonic interview. I was questioned about my previous work experience and my availability for the internship. I was also asked if I had handled any authoritative positions previously and if I agreed to travel to meet clients. I was shortlisted and asked to visit their office. When I reached the venue, I saw around twenty other applicants which intimidated me for a short bit. The HR gave all necessary details about the company along with office decorum and explained the job profile. The first elimination round of the selection process was an essay writing to check our command over English language and creativity. The topics given were ‘If you could ban one thing in the world, what would it be and why?’ and ‘How truthful is marketing?’ The shortlists proceeded for the two rounds of group discussion. The topics were ‘Is feminism framing out to be inequality from a male perspective?’ and ‘Is Swachh Bharat Abhiyan an initiative that can foster people to keep their surroundings clean?’ It was an enriching experience to share my views with people with different mindsets debating to prove their arguments. Some emphasized on facts and statistics while others focussed on their verbal ability. Five of us were selected for the personal interview round. Making notable observations from this round, I went for the interview. Outwalking a considerable number of candidates boosted my confidence. I was asked about my areas of interest, hobbies, future plans, and about the essay I had written which then led to a debate. I was hired as a marketing and branding intern. 

During the internship, I managed a panel discussion event where prominent panelists shared their views on major issues related to e-waste management. I also managed the opening ceremony of the ‘Race Against Waste’ campaign wherein we held awareness seminars in schools. I conducted seminars based on e-waste management at educational institutes, residential complexes, and corporate organizations. The seminars emphasized the hazards of e-waste on the environment, its constituents in electronic equipment, and the advantages of getting it recycled via authorized recyclers. They involved an interactive power point presentation based on facts, research data, and quizzes. My job responsibilities also included social media marketing, email marketing, dealing with corporates and educational institutes who were willing to host seminars, and validating if the sponsorship requests were beneficial for the organization. I learned how the corporate world functions, what an employer expects from the employees, how to move up the ladder in an organization, and how to deal with different people. I learnt that marketers have to be creative to ensure that their promotional activities attract audiences. I was offered a PPO when my internship was over, and I am currently working as a senior marketing executive with two interns working for me. I have had a cherishable journey here.

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