How I became a stock marketer while vacationing in Abu Dhabi


About the Author: Dev Pradeep is pursuing B. Tech from BMS College of Engineering. He shares how he used his vacation productively and learnt the nitty-gritty of stock marketing. 

I used to plan my vacations, trying to make them productive by joining various courses and internships, but would always end up doing nothing, regretting the time wasted. I traveled frequently between my hometown and current residence in vacations and so was unable to join any courses as they required me to stay at one place. I expected the same to happen after my 4th-semester exams. I was visiting Abu Dhabi to meet my cousin and my travel plans restricted me from taking up a relevant course. That’s when one of my friends told me about the content writing internship that he had grabbed via Internshala and the job offers he had received from various other publishers after the internship. This encouraged me to research into Internshala and that’s how I came to know about Internshala Trainings.

I had always been interested in stock marketing but hardly had a solid background in the field. However, Internshala’s training on Beginner’s Trading Certification (BTC) gave me a ray of hope. As it was an online training which could be done anywhere, it also supported my travel plans. BTC was supported by Trackinvest, a leading virtual stock marketing website, which was an icing on the cake. The course was well organised into four modules each having a test which needed to be cleared in a single attempt. The explanatory videos were precise, effective, and easily comprehensible. The provision of downloading the videos and the quick response to queries were truly appreciable. 

Along with each module, I had to simultaneously make my trading profile on Trackinvest. It portrayed the real stock market with rise and fall of stocks based on the actual stock market scenario. I got a premium account in Trackinvest with a virtual amount of fifty lacs and traded with 7 top exchanges of the world. This motivated me to pay more attention to business news channels and business sections in newspapers. I cleared the final test with 75 percent, made a good profit in Trackinvest, and enjoyed a wonderful holiday in Abu Dhabi while doing the course.

I am currently stock marketing through fidelity stock agencies, and I am confident of making profits. This training has helped me in investing wisely by using financial ratios and concentrating on the business aspects. The most important thing this platform has taught me is that patience and perseverance are keys to gains – be it stock market or life. I am also doing a Microsoft Excel training which is my second endeavour with Internshala. I recommended Internshala Trainings to my friends and got a good sum through the referral programme too! This is how my vacation ended with no regrets – one of the most productive vacations I have ever had. Thank you, Internshala!

Did Dev’s review of Internshala Beginner’s Trading Certification pique your interest in stock marketing? Join Internshala Beginner’s Trading Certification and unfold the concepts associated with wall street at an additional discount of 10%. 

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    GOod Work

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    great job

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