How an online training helped me create my first website


About the Author: Preethi Aakarapu is pursuing B.Tech from G Narayanamma Institute Of Technology & Science. She joined Internshala Trainings for Web Development training and shares how it helped her build a website from scratch.

YouTube videos weren’t my cup of tea,
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I believe that everything happens for a reason. We do certain things randomly and they turn out to be a complete gamechanger. In my case, taking Internshala’s web development training was one such decision that transformed me completely just like IoT transforms devices into smart devices. One fine morning, amid the tides and sunrise at Kozhikode beach, I overheard my senior saying that she had been selected for an internship in an MNC because of the knowledge she gained through Internshala Trainings. This was how I came to know about Internshala. A couple of days later, we received a circular regarding building a hobby project. I wanted to create a website but the problem was that I was bad at coding. Later that day, I went through YouTube tutorials but didn’t find them much effective. Also, I didn’t want to copy the code, I wanted to write one on my own. So, I decided to take up an online training.

While surfing the internet, I recalled my senior’s conversation and quickly visited Internshala website, went through the reviews (which were mostly positive), and read about the achievements of other students on their blog. I was convinced that I should take the training. After going through the demo video, which was quite impressive, I enrolled in the 6-week web development training. The training had four modules. The first module was based on HTML and CSS. Although I was a bit familiar with HTML, I learnt a whole lot of new concepts like adding the navigation bar, providing links, internal and external styling in CSS, etc. At the end of this module, I created a webpage. The second module was on Bootstrap which I had no familiarity with. I faced some issues with the installation but the help forum had all the answers I needed. After completing the module and practicing the code, I was confident enough to create my website. In the next modules, I learnt PHP and MySQL. I had always found it hard to connect to the server but after going through the tutorial, it took me less than 30 minutes to connect to the server and save information in the database, not to forget that I could efficiently write SQL queries. The concepts were comprehensively explained and the tests and assignments given after each module helped me in assessing what all I had learnt. The Q&A forums clarified any doubts I had. At the end of the training, I was almost done with the e-commerce website and was surprised to have created it in such a short span. The final test was a bit tricky, but I did fairly well and received my training completion certificate.

For the hobby project, I created another similar website which was an online gift delivery site named Joybox, discovering smiles. In the navigation bar of this website, I provided a search bar, login options, and a category option which redirected users to different categories of gifts like home decor, soft toys, mugs, cushions, etc. Apart from these, I provided a link that redirected users to different occasions wherein they could also choose a recipient to send gifts to. I even received a prize from my teachers for my performance. The training also added to my resume and helped me get an internship in Medmonx Enterprise. I had submitted my resume there with details of my project. I soon received a call from them regarding a telephonic interview. They told me how impressive they had found my project and asked me about its frontend and backend development. I was selected for it but couldn’t join due to some personal reasons. The confidence that I gained through these events, however, was astounding. I am grateful to Internshala for this interactive learning experience and for making me think out of the box. I had never thought I would be able to create my own website. Also, now I can challenge anyone to ask me a question on web development, something I was afraid of earlier.

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