From unemployed to happily employed – A journey fueled by an internship


About the Author: Zainul Abedin, a student of Government Degree College, Ganderbal, shares how his virtual internship laid down the path for a full-time job. 

I had graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer application and had gained some work experience too. However, this experience was not enough to get me placed in a good organization. So, I started to look out for internships as they provided real-time experience and were a platform to hone one’s skills. There was, however, a hurdle. I resided in Srinagar where the chances of getting even a job were meager, let alone an internship. So I began searching for virtual internships. I went through a lot of websites but didn’t find them much interactive. In the end, I stumbled upon Internshala and that proved to be a turning point.

I applied for a few internships with no hope of securing one, but I soon got shortlisted for a web development internship. I received a call from Noora International regarding a telephonic interview with the manager of the organization. The interview began with my introduction and educational background followed by my academic skills. I told him that I had a fair knowledge of PHP. He asked me if I had worked on any CMS previously; I replied that I had worked on Joomla and WordPress. He then asked me about my availability and the time I could devote to their work. I was also asked if I could work with the content development team and if I could manage the technical aspects of the website, helping the creative team with their tasks. I replied in affirmative. Subsequently, he asked me if I was familiar with WooCommerce and SEO management to which I responded in negative. He explained what my responsibilities would be and gave me an assignment to create a payment gateway for the shopping cart that I would work with. I had to integrate Paytm, debit and credit cards, and cash on delivery options to enable payments throughout the website. I completed the assignment within the stipulated time frame, and I was hired for the internship.

As a web development intern, I worked with a team of content developers and product designers to design the e-commerce website and make it functional. I modified the viewport, adjusted the menus, made the website responsive, and managed the slider for different devices along with providing custom buttons and various other functionalities on the website. I worked on it for less than 3 hours a day and was able to make it live at the end of my internship tenure. My manager was quite supportive and considerate throughout the internship. Working with Noora International helped me gain hands-on experience in various aspects of website designing. With the experience and recommendation letter I received from them, I later grabbed a job in Rooman Technologies as a web developer. I am currently working on the Udaan Project of the organization wherein I teach the software batches of the organization to code in HTML, CSS, AngularJS, Bootstrap, JQuery, etc. Earlier, I was maintaining the ERP website of the company that allows access to the course and exam materials to teachers, students, and employees.

Thank you, Internshala, for providing me this opportunity which changed my status from an unemployed graduate to an employee in a renowned organization.

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