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As I come out of the theatre, marvelling in the delight of Black Panther, obsessing over Shuri, I sink into the good old memories of Disney princesses. The love story of Mickey and Minnie, the glass sandal of Cinderella, and Aladdin’s lamp – that was my childhood and I’m assuming it was yours too, wasn’t it? Enough with the nostalgia though; summon the comfy chairs, I’m going to be your genie for the next 5 minutes. How? Read on to find out! 

In all probability, you may have landed on this article while looking out for Disney internships. The Walt Disney Company is a multinational mass media company that acquired UTV Motion Pictures in 2012. Making magic requires a large team and thus, Disney internship programs are spread across tens of countries.

What are the different types of internships at Disney and who are eligible to apply?
Disney offers a wide range of internships throughout the year across its subsidiaries – legal, engineering, and management to name a few. The internship program is for engineering undergraduates, MBA, law students, and anybody who has a flair for creativity and innovation. Engineering graduates get to work on software development and data analysis. MBA interns can look for opportunities in human resources, finance, operations, and digital marketing. 
Walt Disney internships typically last for 2 months with a minimum stipend of INR 5000.

How to apply to a Disney internship?
Students who want to create ‘magic’ during an internship can apply through one of the following ways.

1. Apply online – Internships – Disney Careers
Apply through the Disney career portal. Disney also has dedicated pages on Facebook and Twitter where the hiring managers post their intern requirements. 

2. Mailing the Disney HR – Send in your resume with a creative cover letter to

3. Employee referral – The easiest way to apply to an internship at Disney would be to get a referral. Connect with previous or current employees on LinkedIn or Facebook and ask them to refer you. This will get you past the initial resume screening process, which is a huge task in itself.  

4. Campus recruitment – Disney visits select few colleges for recruitment purposes in India, like TISS, Narsee Monjee, MICA, IIMs etc.

What after applying to an internship at Disney?
The Disney hiring team screens candidates after scrolling through hundreds of resumes. If you’re shortlisted, they’ll call you giving an overview of the position. Usually, it is followed by two interviews: one with the HR and another with the supervisor under whose mentorship you’re going to work. However, the interview process differs for different roles and candidates. Sometimes there can be multiple panel interviews 
too – telephonic, face-to-face, or Skype.

The technical interview consists of field-specific questions while Disney’s HR interview questions are pretty much the anticipated ones such as:
1. What do you know about Walt Disney?
2. What can you do for the company?
3. Why should we hire you?
4. Tell us about your interests.

Apart from these, they’ll ask you questions that give them an idea about your thought process such as –
1. Which is your favorite cartoon character and what have you learnt from it?
2. Do you think cartoons and animated movies are just for kids? What can you do to change this perspective?

What to expect once your internship at Disney starts?
Once you are hired, you are all set to step onto the magic carpet and enter a Disney-UTV themed office in Mumbai (with life-size statues of Mickey Mouse, Iron Man, and Captain America)! On the first day, you’ll go through the induction program, known as 
Disney beginnings, wherein you’ll learn how The Walt Disney Company came to existence and how it has evolved globally over the years. After the induction, you will be assigned project guides taken to a movie screening – yes, we are not kidding! Also, Disney treats its interns as full-time employees and they’re given as much freedom and responsibilities as the employees. Disney provides you with an experience of pixie dust quite literally, granting all your wishes – you’ll get to be a part of the screening of Disney classics, photo shoots, coffee conversations, and celebrity meetings! 

Word of advice from ex-Disney interns: 
1. Wear what defines you the best for your interview. Sometimes, sporting your favorite cartoon or music band T-shirt may impress them more than a suit!
2. Do a proper research so that you’re able to express explicitly how you can help the company in its upcoming projects.

You can also read Saloni’s magical internship experience when she did her internship at Disney, Mumbai.

A couple of pro-tips from hiring managers at Disney: 
1. Ask questions: Not having a question for the interviewer could be the biggest mistake you make in a Disney interview as it shows your lack of inquisitiveness and preparation for the interview. For example, asking questions about the values and cultures of Disney will help you understand how they fit in with your expectations.
2. It’s all about storytelling: Resonating with Disney’s storytelling culture, a recruiter looks for your innate desire to frame a story. Take the ‘Tell me about your interests and experiences’ question very seriously because however simple it seems, it is the deciding factor in your hiring.
3. Make your resume stand out: Disney receives an enormous number of resumes daily, so ditch the conventional resume and use a format that reflects your creativity. Don’t forget to add keywords from the job description!

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Even miracles take time. So, don’t wait for the Fairy Godmother or the genie to make your fairy tales come true. Apply to Disney summer internships 2018 and become the Merida (or Aladdin) you’ve always dreamt of being. 

If you are looking for similar meaningful internships, just register on Internshala and start applying to internships of your choice! If you have done an internship at Disney India and have something to add, we would love to hear; please comment below.

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    hi…Even if there is no opening online can I still apply for internship for 3D-animation

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      Hi Nishika,

      You can write to the HR expressing your interest. They may let you know if there is any opening.

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      Hi Osin,

      Please write to Disney’s HR manager for internships at Disney.

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    I finished my diploma . IAM studying in animation first year .how can I join in Disney internship .

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      Hi Pratheesh,

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      We do not have any current information regarding internships with Disney. Please visit their careers page for more information.

      However, if you wish to apply to different organisations then you can register on Internshala here – Once registered and logged into your account, you may click on the ‘Internships’ button on the dashboard to view all the internships available on the platform. You can also filter internships according to your location and duration available. Hope this helps.

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    Hi i am a 10th class student . Can i apply for disney intern ship?

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      Hi Anna,

      We do not have any current information regarding eligibility criteria for internships with Disney. Please visit their careers page for more information.



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