How an online training helped me launch my startup


About the Author: Kapil Arora is a student of Government Engineering College, RTU. He shares how he implemented his learnings from an online training to create his own startup. 

I had an idea for a startup but I couldn’t implement it because I wasn’t familiar with web design. I thought of hiring a web developer but it wasn’t economical for me, being a student. So I decided to learn web development myself. The next dilemma was how to learn it. I browsed the internet and stumbled upon Internshala. I checked out their web development training and read the experiences of other students on their blog. Without any second thoughts, I enrolled for the training. 

Once the training began, I was reassured that the quality and learnability of the training modules couldn’t get any better. The training dashboard was quite user-friendly and interactive. Starting with HTML and CSS, I learnt their basic concepts and understood the structure of web pages. Along with making a plain structure of a web page, the training taught me how to style it beautifully using CSS. Rejoicing at the output of my very first webpage, which had all the information about Batman just like a Wikipedia page would, I moved to Bootstrap and learnt to make mobile responsive applications. Next, I completed the MySQL and PHP modules and progressed to complete a bigger project which was to create an e-commerce website including functionalities like sign up, add to cart, buy now, and many other options. Once the pages were designed, it was time to connect them to the database. I had presumed that it would be difficult but owing to the way the module explained this process using PHP, it turned out to be smooth and easy. What made the training even more commendable was the assistance provided by the assigned mentors during the live chat sessions in case of any queries. While working on the final project, I fell sick and couldn’t complete it in time. Internshala once again won my heart by extending my training for a week. I completed the website, submitted it, and received my certificate of merit!

While I was pursuing the training, I received a call from my friend Arpita. She was cribbing about the mechanic who had come to repair her refrigerator and had stolen the money kept on it. This was my eureka moment! It pushed me to make a website which would help people find verified and trusted mechanics to repair their electronics. I quickly opened my mini notebook wherein I had noted and practised all the important concepts that I learnt during the training and got to work. I designed the web pages on paper first and then coded them using HTML and CSS. Once the pages and registration forms for mechanics and customers were done, I used my knowledge of SQL and PHP to maintain the database of the website. I had also learnt the PHP kit of bulk SMS during the training and deployed the same to integrate bulk SMS API that would send an automated message to the user when she registered. I also integrated the Paytm payment gateway. After a month of learning and writing codes, I went live with my own startup, Indian Mistry, and I have no words to express how giddy I felt at that moment.

Indian Mistry, based in Kota, provides services by connecting one with local mechanics and repairmen such as electricians, plumbers, cleaners, technicians, etc. at pocket-friendly prices. Honestly, all this would not have been possible without the web development training I took. I implemented everything I had learned during the training and converted my idea for a startup into a product!

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