If the Avengers were Students in a Classroom

As a student, I always daydreamt about having superpowers (who didn’t!). Sitting in the classroom, feigning interest in a boring lecture, I wondered how I would save my classmates like Captain America when terrorists attack the school or how I would fly like Iron Man and rescue them when all the working ceiling fans suddenly start falling, creating havoc! And just like when I go to watch a Marvel movie and stay even after the movie ends for the teasers during and after the credits roll down, I used to hang around in the school premises after the day got over for those thrilling moments with friends, planning the strategy for evening cricket matches or brainstorming ideas for disrupting the tuitions!

With the release of Avengers: Infinity War tomorrow, the last remnants of my childhood would be buried. Surrounded by all the gloominess, as I get ready for work, this idea suddenly reveals itself – what if, in a parallel universe, Avengers were normal students in my classroom! And as these thoughts start spiraling, I revel in this supernatural saga, for one last time. Here are a few Avengers that I think are found in every classroom around the world:

1. Iron Man aka the Tech-savvy Rich Brat:

The guy who never keeps time but wears swanky new watches every month! He’s always surrounded by a couple of loyalists and many times proves to be a nuisance for the teacher or the monitor. His superpower includes spending a lot of money on making amazing working models for science exhibitions and then bragging about it once he wins them. IIT or not, we all know he’s destined to be an engineering genius.

2. Hulk aka the Moody Teenager with anger issues:

He likes to keep to himself and doesn’t socialize with other students. Despite his academic brilliance or artistic skills, others are wary of his presence due to his anger management issues. His anger levels go from 0 to 100 faster than a Bugatti Chiron and he’s often found outside Principal’s office due to constant fights! Some believe that he suffers from a split personality, but there’s always an equally baffling student that actually understands and calms him – the Black widow – a strange love story indeed!

3. Thor aka the Handsome Hunk:

He’s the hunk of the class who hampers with the heartbeats of fellow students with his out-of-the-world charms, pure heart, and faux Shakespearean language! Known as a demi-god, he’s considered to be the only student worthy enough to lift the ban on the usage of mobile phones in the classroom – and no one can still his thunder!

4. Star-Lord aka the Jugaadu Chatterbox:

He never gets tired of talking, like never! Even in the face of danger, when a teacher is confronting him, he can’t stop himself from giving a snappy wisecrack or a lame one-liner! He’s also known for his problem-solving abilities – from finding an extra food packet after the Independence Day parade to getting the question paper before the class test, he has a jugaad for everything and doesn’t shy away from boasting about it.

5. Vision aka Sharmaji ka Beta:

If any Avenger could even come close to our Sharmaji ka beta, it’s Vision. With the employed Mindstone and artificial intelligence, J.A.R.V.I.S, he’s the apple of all parents’ eyes and sour grapes for their children. He has superhuman stamina, superhuman analytical capabilities, and superhuman reflexes which help him in topping every single exam – no doubt that he originated as an artificial life form!

6. Hawkeye aka the Invisible One:

Usually found in a corner reading or sketching, he only comes out of his shell after a lot of probing. He has amazing concentration skills and can focus silently at a blank wall for hours – another reason why he’s almost forgotten amongst all other students with superpowers. Moreover, he’s often neglected during a full action-packed performance like the cultural festival and is given only the menial tasks.

7. Captain America aka the Monitor:

The undisputed leader of the pack – a lanky front-bencher who turned into a Super-Soldier after puberty hit him hard, he keeps all other students (or Avengers) in check. From collecting homework from students to complaining about the students like Iron Man who break rules and make noise in teacher’s absence, he does all the unpleasant work, following his own ethics. 

8. Black Widow aka the Enigmatic Beauty:

She’s the mystery that every guy wishes to solve but to no avail. The new girl in the school, she’s a perfect student – an expert ballerina, martial artist, and accomplished athlete. Aware of her stunning looks, she uses it to her advantage – like getting others to finish her assignments or give her special discounts – and is known for manipulating other students.

9. Spiderman aka the Enthu Cutlet:

He’s the enthusiastic bunny of the class whose entire body (including the hair on his arms) bristles on just hearing about a new initiative! Bonus assignments? Bring them on. Extra classes? I’m in! Internships? Hell yeah! From extracurricular activities to field trips, his name can be found on the top of every list. He can’t stop himself from joining any ongoing action, even if he’s not prepared to participate, which leads to embarrassment at times!

10. Thanos aka the Troublemaker Bully:

The supervillain of every class, he’s the guy who is magnetically drawn to all the wrong things. He enjoys bullying other students into giving their stones lunch boxes to him and is the mastermind behind every notorious activity – from lighting crackers in the washroom to vandalizing benches and blackboards.

Getting nostalgic? If you also had such ‘Avengers’ in your classroom, let them know – I’m already on it! If you can think of more characters for the remaining Avengers or alternate characters for the ones mentioned above, we would love to know; please comment below.

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2 thoughts on “If the Avengers were Students in a Classroom

  • August 29, 2018 at 4:31 AM

    really, it is so good… your imagination is beyond the limits and your vocabulary is so good. Good work bruh keep working

  • November 7, 2018 at 12:39 PM

    Thank you so much for the wonderful imagination; that will be super awesome if avengers were really a group of students in the classroom.


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