Internships, parties, and football – The essence of Internshala


About the Author: Charvi Sharma, an English Honours student, joined Internshala as a Proofreading and Client Interaction intern. She recently completed five months at Internshala and shares how this journey has been for her. 

It all started when I was watching unnecessary stuff on YouTube and stumbled upon a video which said, “An internship opportunity”. At that very moment, it struck me that I should find a resourceful way of spending my time, and I started searching for internships through Internshala. Needless to say, I found numerous options, but I thought for a while and asked myself, “Why not an internship with Internshala?”. I clicked on ‘We’re hiring’ and applied for their ‘Proofreading and Client Interaction’ internship.

I swiftly cleared the first few rounds and braced myself for the interview round. Being cautious of the hidden cameras and secret spies, I entered the building, walking on eggs. Sitting in the ‘ice-cave’, I was a nervous wreck finding ways to dry my sweaty palms. I would like to keep the rest of the details discreet. I walked out of the building, wishing for a miracle to happen and hoping to see the ‘Do Epic Shit’ wall every day (at least for the next six months). The next day, I was staring at my phone screen (not watching videos this time). The black letters on the white screen flashed something like “Congratulations…”. What was this? The light at the end of a tunnel! The feeling took five seconds to sink in. Since that day to this, there has been no looking back.

This journey has been a rollercoaster ride for me. The ups have taught me to never doubt myself and the downs taught me to accept failure and value the ups. I felt fortunate to be a part of the ‘100K closures’ goal. It was amazing to see how the entire office got together to achieve the target. The excitement coupled with anxiety that we all experienced that day cannot be expressed in words. I personally felt like I was watching a World Cup match (with one person setting up the projector for live updates and the others sitting tight-lipped, waiting for ‘the moment’ to happen). That day made me realise that small actions can affect a large number of people and lead to a HUGE difference. It is in these situations that the true team spirit comes out and you learn to work in a team.

Being from the School of Open Learning, I didn’t get an opportunity to interact with a lot of people and participate in events. Internshala gave me everything that I longed for since I left school. I learnt a lot from the people I worked with – it really opened my mind. I never thought that approving internships and interacting with clients (sometimes adamant ones) would teach me so much. I was able to inculcate in me communication skills, leadership skills, and time management skills, acquiring a lot of patience on the way.

It is astonishing how this internship gave me the opportunity to lead and be led at the same time. It gave me numerous opportunities to identify my strengths while working on my weaknesses, to be resourceful while being frugal, to adhere to the deadlines while being flexible, and sometimes, to play football while there was still some pending work. The creative spirit here is contagious. Thus, this internship proved to be meaningful for me in its truest sense. The least this place assures you is to ‘have fun at what you do.’

If you also wish to gain an amazing learning experience along with a lot of fun, then what are you waiting for? We have the perfect opportunity for you – apply for the Proofreading and Client Interaction internship today! 

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