I secured two internships in my first year – Thanks to an online training!


About the Author: Apurva, a first-year B.Com student, talks about her struggle of finding an internship and how an online training helped her secure two internships. 

I had decided in my first semester itself that I’d do an internship in the following summer break. The break began, but I had no idea how I could get an internship. After struggling a lot, I asked my seniors for help. They suggested that it was difficult to get an internship in the first year, and I should enjoy the vacations instead. However, I kept looking for internships till I came across an email from my university head which introduced me to Internshala. My endless search finally came to an end, and I applied to various internships, only to receive rejections.

By that time, I knew about Internshala Trainings and decided to learn a relevant skill that would help me get an edge in my internship applications. Their Business Communication Skills training caught my eye, and I enrolled in it because I knew that my communication skills needed improvement and I could do much better when it came to public speaking. During the training, I understood the importance of good communication skills and learnt about verbal and written communication. I learnt how to write emails and cover letters effectively and how to make an irresistible resume. I also got to know the common mistakes which people make while communicating. Then, I moved onto the next module in which I studied the importance of body language, eye contact, and gestures for an effective communication. I learnt how to answer the questions put up by the interviewer. The training also talked about the art of asking a question during the interview and taught me how to prepare for group discussions and presentations. Alongside, I also learnt about being sympathetic and empathetic. The training had interesting activities and assignments along with a test at the end of each module, and the certificate of completion was a cherry on the top!

I finished the training and finally got the much-awaited internship! Yes, two paid content writing internships – all thanks to the BCS training! Earlier, while making an application, I used to write in quite an informal manner and had a below average format of resume shared by my seniors. Of course, the outcome of this negligence was continuous rejections. After taking the training, I started framing a much better answer for the ‘Why should you be hired for this internship?’ question. And guess what? I began receiving shortlisting emails from various companies! 

I got shortlisted for a virtual content writing internship at GlossyPolish. The hiring process only involved submitting a sample write up. Here, my job is to write honest reviews about beauty products. I also secured an internship at Trawel.co.in, a website that provides information about tourist destinations and helps people in planning their trips. Currently, I am doing both these internships and due to the flexibility offered in the working hours, my studies aren’t hampered even one bit. I work in my free time and earn money as well. I cannot express how thankful I am to Internshala for providing me with communication skills effective enough to secure internships. 

Are you also tired of seeing the message of rejection against every internship you apply for? Do you feel motivated by Apurva’s review of Internshala’s Business Communication Skills training? Enroll in Internshala Business Communication training yourself and become a smooth talker! Sshh..there is an additional discount of 10%. 

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