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So you have been a domestic goddess and want to put on the suit and take charge of the desk? Even though women in our country have come a long way, life is still undeniably difficult for them. A large chunk of women either don’t get a chance to start their careers or they have to quit their jobs. Either way, they find themselves stuck within the four walls of their houses.  What’s heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time is the fact that even though they quit their jobs, they never really quit their hopes to lead an independent or self-sufficient life.

But why do women quit work?
1. Accompany their husbands – Sometimes, women leave their jobs when they get married and shift to another city or state with their husbands. Some women have husbands with transferable jobs, which make it difficult for them to look for a permanent job since they move frequently.
2. Marital responsibilities – Most women are expected to take care of all the familial needs, do the household chores like cleaning and cooking, raise the children on their own with little or no help from the other members of the family. This makes it difficult for them to play the dual role of a daughter-in-law and a professional.
3. Maternity – Even though working women can take a maternity leave and return to the workplace later, more often than not, they find themselves stuck with the responsibilities of their newborn baby. Since they either don’t want to leave the kid alone with the helpers or don’t want to miss on their child’s first step or first word, they decide to quit their jobs.
4. Unable to start their career – Some women are unable to start their career in the first place. Right after they finish college, they are either married off or made to stay at home to take care of their parents. Lack of opportunities is another reason for women for not being able to start work.

Why don’t women return to work?
Even though they desperately want to return to work and regain their individual identity, women find it difficult to do so. While women who have husbands with a transferable job can only commit to a job for a short span of a few months, some find it infeasible to do a 9-5 job due to the household responsibilities that they have. Thus, the employers are not very keen on hiring them. The skill gap is another setback in their journey to restart their careers. Most women take a break of at least 5 years after marriage and it is only when their child starts going to a prep school that they start their lookout for a job. However, with the ever-advancing technology, it becomes almost impossible for women to keep pace with the new methods and thus, finding a job becomes dreadful.

Jobs for women – the solution!
With short-term options available to work from home as well as in-office, jobs for housewives give women an opportunity to keep up with the industry and utilise their skills in a real-time environment along with the satisfaction of pursuing a job. Before we delve into how online jobs for housewives are beneficial for your career, let’s take a quick look at Mamta’s story.
Mamta worked as a software engineer before she got married and shifted with her husband. Her husband’s transferable job made it difficult for her to stick to a job and soon enough, she was also blessed with a kid. The familial responsibilities overpowered her will to work and after a few years, she found herself devoid of any confidence to look for a job. Somehow regaining her confidence to rebuild her career, she did a few courses in data science and started her job hunt; however, she couldn’t find one because she had no experience in this field. And what rescued her from this stage was an online job for housewives! Yes, two internships later, she got herself placed as a data scientist in a leading MNC.

Now, coming back to the importance of jobs for women. Here’s how an internship/jobs for housewives can benefit women in restarting their careers –
1. Bridge the skill gap – A few years into marital responsibilities, women settle in and find ample time to get back to work. However, the lookout for a job in the industry becomes dreadful owing to the ever-advancing technical developments and a skill gap. Internships/jobs for women are a tried and tested way of updating your skill set and getting a hang of what’s new in the industry.
2. Recent work experience – Everything else being the same, it all comes down to recent work experiences that one has while deciding on which candidate to hire for a position. Internships/jobs for women offer you with a hands-on experience which shows for your up-to-date skills, knowledge of newer technology, and professional conduct.
3. Flexible work timings – Women have more responsibilities than the king of the seven kingdoms. With a whole family to take care of, you might have a hard time managing household chores with full-time work commitments. The option to work from home for housewives offers an alternative to work from the comfort of your home and the freedom in selecting your work timings.
4. Regain your confidence – Having been out of the corporate world for a long time, thoughts like ‘I am a bit too old for this’, ‘I won’t fit in’, ‘I’m unemployable’, etc. take the shape of dementors and conspire to drain your confidence. Jobs for women help you learn while working on different projects and gain new skill along with familiarizing yourself with the current workplace trends, which make you job ready.
5. Short-term opportunities – Some women stay at remote places while some accompany their husbands on their jobs. In either case, online jobs for housewives are a solution! Often, women have to start afresh and look for a completely new career choice while restarting their careers. Jobs for housewives, usually lasting 1 to 6 months, provide them with a chance to try out various career choices and see what works the best for them. This could also be a chance to finally follow their passion.
6. Financial independence – Well, you can’t expect men to understand the cravings for buying that beautiful piece of jewellery, can you! An internship offers you a cool stipend which instills a sense of independence by providing an additional income.

Most women struggle to find an answer to which field should they find internships/jobs in. We have enlisted here a few profiles that could be the best jobs for housewives sitting at home.

Online jobs for housewives
1. Content writing
– Most women are inclined towards this profile since they can write content for any niche that interests them. You like to cook, write for a cooking blog! You like to travel, write for a travel company! You like to do research, you have plenty of jobs waiting for you! You can write articles in Hindi, English, or a regional language. There are options available in editing and translating as well. For content writing jobs for women, visit here.
2. Software development– With plenty of in-office and online jobs for women available in this field, you may look for internships in web development, Android app development, and other similar profiles if you have a degree and/or skill in coding. Visit here for software development jobs for women.
3. Data entry – This is one of the best work from home jobs for moms. With merely typing skills and a basic knowledge of MS Word and Excel required, these jobs are easy to get and easy to perform. You can find plenty of data entry jobs here.
4. Customer service – Who better than someone who has developed immense patience and empathy over the years for keeping the customers satisfied! Women can look for online jobs/internships in customer support wherein they’d answer queries related to the product/service or interact with clients to get leads. You can look for a variety of customer service jobs here.
5. Human resources – We all know our mothers and aunts have amazing interpersonal and people management skills and thus, they may easily find opportunities in human resources. As an HR administrator, you would be involved in employee engagement and building a reliable team. For HR jobs for housewife at home, visit here.

How to find home-based work for housewives without investment?
Finding jobs for housewives without investment is easier than making ‘chai’ these days. Just register on Internshala and view all the jobs for women available on the online platform. You can apply to part-time and work from home jobs for housewives by replying to a simple ‘Why should you be hired for this internship?’ question, followed by a shortlisting assignment and/or an interview. What’s more? You get paid a cool stipend and a certificate which is a proof of your work experience at a company, helping you further during your interviews for a full-time job.

Do you also aspire to (re)start your career without compromising on your household responsibilities? Then, register for these internships for women and apply to some super cool work from jobs for women! 

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    Hello this is pavithra I am a housewife and I want to do a work for part time to bare myself and I had completed my graduation b tech in Electrical engineering with 70%…and also completed digital marketing course with certificate…so if you give me a chance i will give my best…

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      Hi Pavithra,

      Please visit here – to view all part time internships available on our platform. You may filter internships according to your preferences (category, location, duration etc.) given on the left side of the page to find internships of your interest and apply for the ones that suit your profile.



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