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About the Author: Kriti Rampal, a student of Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology, joined Internshala as a proofreading and client interaction intern a year ago. She shares how her experience has been working here. 

Fun fact – Kriti has been bid farewell twice already yet she joined the team again this winter! 

I started my journey with Internshala on 10 December 2017. It was my first ever in-office internship, and I came here with a bag full of hope, an eagerness to learn, and a backpack of anxiety about how the place was going to treat me. When I entered the office for the first time, I was greeted with the ‘Do Epic Shit’ wall, and I thought, ‘Oh well, they seem like my kind of people (because curse words on the wall!), maybe I’ll like it here after all’.

I was introduced to the operations team or Ops as we call it, and little did I know that I would come to call this team as my second family soon. As Andy Bernard once said, ‘I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them’, with the Ops team, this quote comes to life. A couple of things to know about the ninjas of the Ops team are that we munch on snacks nonstop all day and we bring not just variety but also diversity to the table – a linguistics graduate who excels at management, an engineer who is great at editing, and a management student who has her way with words. If you are working with the Ops team, make sure you hold your stomach tight as it’s going to hurt badly because of all the laughing we do (also because of the food but mostly, laughing). From playing pranks on each other to team outings where we go neck to neck in a heated match of laser tag (and get to shoot our manager in the face) and being surprised by samosas and jalebis for breakfast, the Ops team gives you a sense of belongingness and freedom. We wear this openness and trust on our sleeves in all our actions, and it is safe to say that my pursuit of excellence would have been a waste without this fantastic team.

Since my very first day at Internshala, I have seen the teams grow and do the most epic shit possible. From achieving 100K closures last year to automating our internship authentication process and from celebrating the highest grossing profit in a month to introducing world’s first virtual hacking lab, I have seen us all dream big and work relentlessly to make it happen. And that’s what Internshala means to me – a place where you see your ideas come to life!

At Internshala, I learnt not only what was defined in my job description but much more. I was constantly encouraged to present ideas, research about various things, and come up with my own solutions. One thing that I admire profoundly about Internshala is how it provides one with growth opportunities and expands one’s horizons. The freedom to be creative and the sense that your opinions matter here make it effortless to come to work every day. I’ve gained more than just work experience here – I explored my career paths here, realised my potential, and most importantly, I met some of the most remarkable minds here and made friends for life. I’ve spent some of my best days at Internshala, a place that became my home.

Editor’s Note: If you are also looking for an epic experience like Kriti’s, join us for a proofreading and client interaction internship. And while in the team, free food is for real (no kidding)!  

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