6 types of UPSC aspirants you are likely to meet

There has been a challenge that has been trending for generations now. It has gripped the nation, and we see that millions and millions of students are taking it up. It’s the UPSC challenge! To be honest, you’d rather prefer to do the ice bucket challenge in the middle of the Arctic than even considering this arduous task, but there are some brave souls out there who have taken it up. If you have met any, you’d agree that they could be easily classified into these 6 types –

1. UPSC? De hi dete hai –

CAT, GMAT, GRE, SSC, Bank PO, NET – did we miss out on anything? Their take on career is let’s attempt every paper known to mankind and see where that leads us. They surely do their part by filling up the form but hope with all their hearts that they’d eventually figure out what they really want to do before attempting this one.

2. Next time? There will be no next time! –

Ideally, every UPSC aspirant wants to clear the paper in her first attempt but many are willing to take the exam time and again if need be. Lately, however, there have been sightings of a new breed. These are the aspirants who have decided to attempt it once and only once, and if they don’t get through, they are ready to hop on to the next career train.

3. Mere dada IAS the, mere papa IAS hain, main bhi IAS banunga –

This family can’t be stopped until the entire department, nay, the entire administration has been populated by their family. The public has only heard about the epic “government life” but this lot has breathed the government life, hence they all have a severe case of UPSC-toh-mere-khoon-mein-hai syndrome.

4. The golden kid –

Remember when adults used to ask “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and kids would go with “doctor” or “teacher”, but there would be that one kid who would say “IAS”, making you wonder which stone you had taken permanent residency under for not having known what the hell IAS was! This is that kid. She has been training for this moment when she would not only sit for the paper but also ace it. Walking at an unusual pace with three fat books stashed under her armpit and two spectacles (obviously, backup!), she can always be seen heading to the library.
5. Kuch Kuch Quota Hai

Now, there is a tiny population of students who get their boost from believing that they could clear UPSC because they have a quota. It is almost an insult for them to
not sit for UPSC and try their luck with it, though deep down, they have different plans.

6. Odins of IASgard –

Most of their kind believe UPSC is like Candy Crush, but instead of candies, it’s their number of attempts that are crushed. They would direct their chi towards utilizing all 6 attempts available to them, even if it means they would become as old as Odin. Not just old, they are also as wise as Odin because they know the deep dark secrets that only experience can teach. In every conversation, 15 years worth of wisdom will pour out, with a fiery hailstorm of ‘back in my day’ and ‘coachin
g centers are colossal waste’ lectures.

All jokes aside, like any other field, UPSC is not an easy nut to crack, and it takes determination and pure will to gain what the aspirants truly seek.

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