An online training in Excel gave me the edge I needed to land a job at Genpact

About the author: Arpit Adlakha, a final year B.Com (Hons.) student of Delhi University, shares how he managed to snag a pre-placement offer with his newly acquired Excel skills.

I had just finished taking my fifth-semester exams when I began looking for internships. After getting rejected in every internship I applied to, I realised that I just didn’t have the necessary skills that employers were looking for. Being from a commerce background, I discovered that most employers in my field expected applicants to be familiar with MS Excel. I needed to find an institution that provided training in Excel; however, the only way for me to take a training was from home since I didn’t have the time to attend regular classes. While I was on a lookout for a reliable training, I came across Internshala’s online Excel training. A few days later, I received an email from Internshala regarding discounts and offers on their online trainings. It was like a sign! The easy to use interface as well as the communication that Internshala team maintained convinced me to sign up for the training without much hesitation.

Once I started the training, I noticed that it was based on real-life situations that one faces in the industry and was conveyed in the form of a story based on a character who excelled in her corporate career because of her skills in Excel. The training began with the basics of Excel in which I learnt the basic terminologies, features, and commands. Then, I learnt formulae for calculations and functions like date-time, logical, look-up, etc. The training then discussed data handling and the concepts of advanced Excel in which I learnt ways to deal with large data consisting of a number of items and to extract required information from that data. Every concept from the introduction to the basics, calculation, and formulae was explained in a way that was very easy to follow. I found the training a lot of fun because I was learning from the comfort of my home and didn’t have any set time to learn every day. The training also provided a really helpful option for me to ask experts about any doubts that I had during the training. At the end of every lesson, the training also provided mini-challenges and assignments that helped me revise and evaluate myself before continuing to the next module. I was given remarks about my performance on the basis of my scores, which helped me assess my performance thoroughly.

The training ended just in time for me to go back to college after my month-long break, which was also the time for organisations to visit my college to hire students. Genpact, a professional services firm, came to my college with profiles in Accounting and Finance as well as Banking and Insurance; I applied to the latter. During the pre-placement talk, Genpact’s recruitment team announced that candidates with basic knowledge of MS Office would be preferred during selection. This gave me an edge over other applicants since my resume now confidently stated MS Excel as a skill. The recruiters conducted an interview wherein apart from inquiries about my qualifications, hobbies, etc., they asked basic questions regarding my commerce profile. After this, they asked me finance-oriented questions like “How do you calculate interest rates?”, “What are loan schedules?”, “How to calculate the present and future value of money?”, etc. I was also asked about my knowledge of MS Office, especially Excel. I was able to answer all their questions easily, all thanks to Internshala Trainings. Finally, at the end of the drive, I was one of the 32 students who were hired for the job out of more than a hundred students who had applied for it.

Internshala was truly my digital paathshala that helped me learn MS Excel because of which I aced my pre-placement interview and landed a job in my very first attempt!

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