How to get an internship at The Times of India

How to get an internship at Times of India

Think about your earliest memories of reading an English newspaper and The Times of India (TOI) is a name that will sooner or later cross your mind! Started in 1838 as ‘Bombay Times’, it is currently circulated in 13 editions and is the largest-selling daily English newspaper in the world. If you wish to be a part of behind the scenes at this leading newspaper, then read on to find out how you can score an internship at The Times of India.

What are the types of internships at The Times of India and who can apply?
Internships are offered across various profiles like sales, marketing, correspondence, copy editing, design, photography, human resources, etc. Students and graduates from all degrees are eligible to apply. An internship at Times of India can last from one to six months and comes with a stipend of INR 5 – 15K.

How to apply for an internship at Times of India?
1. HR and Employee referral You can connect with the HR personnel at TOI or employees working in the same field that you wish to apply for via LinkedIn and request them to refer you.
2. Internshala – TOI often posts internships for various profiles on Internshala. You could register on Internshala and fill in your preferences to receive notifications for relevant internships. If you find the right internship, then lose no time and apply.
3. Campus recruitment TOI interns are also hired through campus recruitment drives which take place across management schools like IIMs, XLRI, MDI, and FMS.

Don’t lose heart if you cannot find an internship through above-mentioned mediums. You may send an email to the resident editor asking about internship opportunities with their team. You can find the contact details on the last page or editorial section of the newspaper. Attaching your resume with the email will make your case stronger. You can also call the TOI centre where you wish to work. Specify the field that you are looking to intern in and ask about the application procedure.

What after applying to a Times of India internship?
After your application has been reviewed and shortlisted, you will be contacted for a face-to-face or telephonic interview. This could be a two-step process including an interview with the HR followed by the manager. During these interviews, the questions will most likely be related to your resume. Some sample questions asked in a Times of India interview are –

1.  Have you worked on any project during your studies or at work? Why did you choose to work on this project? 
2. Why do you want to intern at The Times of India? 
3. How would you convince a customer to buy our product? 
4. Why do you want to work in print media?
5. Which story did you find most interesting in today’s newspaper?
6. Will you be comfortable with switching between different newspaper editions at the same time?
7. Which is your favourite newspaper and why?

If you are applying through campus recruitment, then the interview round will be preceded by a written test on grammar and general knowledge. The TOI aptitude test aims to evaluate your written skills, vocabulary, and aptitude for your profile.

What to expect once your internship at Times of India starts?
On your first day as an intern at TOI, you will be assigned a mentor who will guide you throughout your internship. If you are a sales intern, you would be responsible for boosting publication sales and conducting market research. Working in this profile will give you an insight into the advertising aspect of journalism. As a marketing intern, your work may comprise creating and executing media strategy, managing social media, performing competition analysis, etc. If you are a correspondence or editing intern, then you would learn to master the art of storytelling like a journalist. You would acquire a comprehensive understanding of reporting and learn the intricacies of the editorial process. This may include learning to conduct research, interviewing, verifying facts, proofreading, and finding supporting visuals for a story. You are also given the freedom to write independent stories.

Your internship days at TOI would not always be spent at the desk, and you would be attending press conferences, visiting different places around the city, and making valuable contacts. You would learn about the nitty-gritty of newspaper production and may even get to see the printing process!

Tips from ex-interns
1. Stay up to date about current news events as you will be tested on your general knowledge during the aptitude test. This may also be helpful during interviews, especially for reporting internships.
2. If you are applying for an editorial profile, it would be helpful to know which topics you would like to work on during your internship.
3. A knowledge of general marketing terms is a must if you are applying for the sales and marketing internships. You should also think of some ideas to boost the sales of the publication.

To get more insights into TOI internships, you can read about Sweta’s memorable experience as an intern at Times of India.

Now that you know what it takes to get an internship at The Times of India, let nothing hold you back, and apply! You could also take a look at other journalism and media internships on Internshala.

If you want to ace your writing game before applying to editorial internships, you can check out the creative writing training on Internshala.

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    Kindly highlight more on the mode and duration of Internships for my Management and Mass Communication students of my Institute.
    Can the campus be arranged?
    The formalities and arrangements for online/offline interviews, if any may kindly be informed.
    Dr.Vinod Khanna

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    I am just a young kid …and I am very much interested in marketing and advertising for nation and the youth and other internal affairs for the country …

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      I have completed my MA in mass communication and journalism. I have also worked as an intern in various media organisations and presently working as a freelance journalist is there any opportunities presently as an intern or permanent job?
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    I’m from nagaland,currently staying in Bombay n searching for and internships job for my communications and improvement and for better career.

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      Hi Ati Sumi,

      Please visit to view all internships available on our platform and apply to the one(s) that suit your interest. :)

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    • January 30, 2021 at 4:12 PM

      Roma samantray here , want an internship in Times of India

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        Hi Roma,

        We don’t have any current information regarding internships at Times of India. Please visit their official careers page for further details.

        However, you can also apply for similar internships with different organisations by registering on Internshala here –


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    Hi good morning,
    I’m Daphne Rego from Karnataka currently staying in Goa and looking for a job in BPO’s or in service industry for my better career.

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    Need an internship in hr department in times of india chandigarh can tell how can I apply

    • June 18, 2021 at 4:44 PM

      Hi Nitasha,

      I’m afraid we do not have any current information regarding internships at Times of India. Please visit their official careers page for further details.

      However, you can also apply for similar internships with different organisations by visiting the link here –

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