How an online Creative Writing training helped me explore my inner writer

Internshala Tranings creative writing course

About the author: Anandita Rajnish is a 12th-grade student at Seth M.R. Jaipuria School, Lucknow. She’s a budding writer who likes to dabble in a range of genres. 

“She travelled that path every day while staying there. She herself did not know why.”

Is it going to be an emotional drama or a mystery? This prompt can be made into several stories. It can be twisted any way and there is only one requirement. You need to have a knack for storytelling. 

I have always been interested in writing stories but found myself constantly stuck. How should the story end? What should happen to a particular character? What next? These hurdles used to trouble me and I got in the habit of procrastination. A fairy godmother named Internshala Trainings came to my rescue. I participated in the Creative Writing Challenge offered by Internshala Trainings. 

The training was like a journey. To get on the next train, the next chapter, you had to first reach the platform. Internshala Trainings provided comprehensive videos that I could access at my leisure. I did my training along with my tests and school assignments. Each module dealt with the various components of a story – plotline, characters, climax, anti-climax, and much more. The training not only helped me improve my writing skills but also helped me figure out what to do next. It talked about how one should start with short stories, then attempt novelettes, then finally novels, the steps involved in editing and how to approach publishers – print or online. The training even walked me through the process of creating a blog and keeping it genuine. 

The training had weekly peer-graded assignments that were very helpful and effective. You would start with a character sketch and by the end of the training, you would have written a short story. This technique helped me to connect with various other budding writers, exchange ideas, and learn about different and unique writing styles. The end of each module had interviews with writers of various genres and quizzes that I always looked forward to. 

Internshala Trainings creative writing course

At the end of the training, I received a certificate that I now attach to my college applications and while applying for internships which gives me an edge over the other applicants. This training is a must for all who wish to enchant others by their words. You will be holding the attention of your audience like a skilful equestrian. 

I now write short stories with flair and publish them. I don’t limit myself to a particular genre as I like to explore. I mix different themes while writing one. After the workshop, I have sailed through science-fiction, mystery, thriller, and a take on Florence Nightingale, a historical figure. Currently, I am working on a prompt and a different perspective of the story Rapunzel. 

My write-ups were recognised in school, I participated in various literary events and even became the editor of the School Chronicle. I also got more opportunities to be a part of competitions and teachers appreciated my work. Furthermore, I sent in entries for TOI Write India Season 3 and to Reader’s Digest magazine. I recently started to explore Medium and Wattpad, which are great platforms and will publish stories as soon as I get familiar with their terms and conditions.

Internshala training's creative writing course
Times of India’s “Write India” competition

The training didn’t just help me write stories better, it even embellished my reading habits. I am now analytical and critical of the writing styles as it helps me make mine better (not perfect as I believe it is a subjective concept). My essays and short paragraphs are now interesting. Not only did my storytelling skills improve but even my overall writing skills embellished.

Write a story on the opening prompt before and after you participate in this training and you will see the results for yourself.

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