The why, what, and how of a career in digital marketing

Careers in Digital Marketing

The marketplace has a new address. It has moved to the World Wide Web – the city that never sleeps. Everyone’s invited for a visit, but the trouble is that not everyone knows how to get there, and they can use some help from digital marketing warriors. Do you have what it takes? Let’s find out!

Should you get a career in digital marketing?
Have you been thinking about the idea for a while but can’t seem to make up your mind? Let’s put an end to that indecisiveness for once and all. Find out how many of the following make you say aye! –

1. You want to be part of a growing industry.
“India is one of the largest and fastest-growing markets for digital consumers, with 560 million internet subscribers in 2018, second only to China”, according to a McKinsey report on Digital India. The digital marketing industry in India is progressing at lightning speed and the demand for competent professionals will see a steep increase. With the right skills, you can be a part of this booming industry. Be wary though, it’s not for the faint-hearted as the industry is constantly evolving and you have to keep up with digital marketing trends.

2. You want to be spoilt for career choices.
The widespread use of digital marketing means that there will be opportunities galore. Since most companies are on their way to digitalization, you can explore jobs in various sectors.

3. You want to have a creative career.
Creativity and out of box thinking are a huge part of the deal. Even if your interests lie in technical roles like analysts, AI specialists, etc., you have to exercise those creative muscles and ensure that they are in shape all year round. If creativity is not your cup of tea, then digital marketing is forbidden territory for you.

4. You want to be able to switch roles with little upskilling.
An important advantage of a fast-paced industry is the emergence of new roles. As a digital marketer, your basic skills will remain the same across different profiles, so you can upskill to switch to other roles within the same industry.

5. You want to choose where you work from.
As a digital marketer, you can call the shots on your work location. You can work in an office, from home or any remote location. About 24% of digital marketing internships posted on Internshala are work-from-home.

6. You want to work with different people regularly.
Whether you are a freelancer or a full-timer, you will be collaborating with different people regularly.

If you said yes to one or more of the above-mentioned scenarios, let’s get you started!

What are the types of digital marketing jobs you can apply for?
The field of digital marketing yields a wide variety of jobs. Although the trending areas differ from year to year, here a few stellar digital marketing jobs and the average pay (according to Glassdoor and Payscale) that they offer –

1. Content Marketer – “Content is king,” proclaimed Bill Gates in 1996 and the statement is gaining currency as time goes on. Today, content creation and promotion is key to brand awareness. Contrary to popular opinion, content marketers are not merely wordsmiths. They need to be adept at creating SEO-friendly content that brings traffic to the website and creates user engagement. As a content marketer, you will write long-form blog posts, white papers, product descriptions, emails, and so on.

Salary – INR 500K per year.

2. SEO Specialist – Search engine optimization (SEO) is at the heart of every effective digital marketing strategy. It ensures that people who are searching for your product or service online can find you. As an SEO specialist, you will be responsible for optimizing your company’s website content so that it reaches a clearly defined audience. You need to have a sound knowledge of keyword research, Google algorithms, web analytics, and basic HTML.

Salary – INR 239K per year.

3. Copywriter – Copywriting is the sweet spot between writing and sales. If you believe in the power of the written word to persuade a customer, then you can shine as a copywriter. As a copywriter, you can engage in different kinds of work like writing advertisement copies, social media posts, emails, blog posts, press releases, etc.

Salary – INR 439K per year.

4. Social Media Manager – Social media marketing refers to creating a brand’s voice across different social media channels like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. A social media manager comes up with different strategies to connect with the audience and increase brand awareness through free and paid mediums. The job entails much more than creating social media posts. You will be responsible for creating relevant content that your audience can engage with, tracking performance and reach, responding to your audience’s questions and concerns, etc.

Since all businesses can profit from social media management, it is one of the most in-demand profiles. On Internshala, it is a favourite amongst employers and comes in the top 5 postings.

Salary – INR 569K per year.

These were a few profiles that have fared well in the recent past. Other profiles include email marketer, web developer, AI specialists, phone marketing specialist, etc.

While selecting a role, play to your strengths and research on the various sectors you can work in. Later, if you find yourself leaning towards another role, you can transition to that role by upgrading your skill set. As a digital marketing aspirant, embrace continuous learning and the world is your oyster!

How to become a digital marketer?
Although there is no one-size-fits-all approach to becoming a digital marketer, there is some common ground that all digital marketing professionals share. Here are a few time-honoured traits that you must exhibit –

1. Curiosity – A questioning mindset is a must-have in a dynamic industry like digital marketing. Curiosity will help you in gaining expertise and staying up to date about your chosen niche.

2. Strong communication skills – Being a lone wolf will not go a long way as a digital marketer. Collaboration with team members and clients is an essential part of the job. Furthermore, certain digital marketing areas like copywriting, content marketing, social media marketing, etc. rely heavily on strong communication with the audience.

3. Adaptability – “Adapt or perish” holds true even in the digital marketing world. Since marketers need to deal with a spectrum of clients and trends, it is important that you learn to adapt to different situations.

4. Analytical mindset – You will be flooded with data regularly. Learning how to analyse data and draw meaningful insights from it can help you in developing right strategies.

5. Creativity – No matter where you are at in your digital marketing journey, you will need to come up with creative solutions. If you think you are not creative, don’t dread it. Creativity is a skill that can be acquired over time.

Once you are certain that you have inherited the core traits or are willing to inculcate them, the next step is to come up with an action plan. Your roadmap to a stunning digital marketing career can have the following stops –

1. Explore where your interest lies – Analyse different digital marketing mediums and find out which one makes you feel excited and aligns with your skills. Is it the social media posts that always crack you up while telling you about a brand? Or does the time fly when you read blogs? Once you figure out what you find interesting, start learning more about it by making use of online resources.

2. Establish an online presence – Depending on your area of interest, you can do this in various ways. You can start a blog, create your website, start your YouTube channel, etc. This will help you in creating a portfolio and learning more about the field.

3. Get an online certification – A training will bolster your digital marketing knowledge and help you show expertise to employers.

4. Do an internship – A huge upside of digital marketing is that you do not need prior experience or a degree. You can start at an entry-level position or even an internship to forge your career. 46% of digital marketing internships posted on Internshala come with a job offer.

5. Network with industry professionals – Communicating with other digital marketers will give you insights about the industry and also keep you updated about opportunities in your field.

Now that you know what it takes to become a digital marketer, don’t wait around for the perfect opportunity to fall into your lap! You can get started by checking out Internshala’s online digital marketing training! Use BLOG10 to get a discount of 10%.

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