How an online training in Web Development helped me get an internship at Cognizant

About the author:
Anushil Kumar Gautam, a final year B.Tech student from Chandigarh University, recounts how he did an online training in Web Development to improve his career prospects and landed an internship at Cognizant.

In my sixth semester, I started worrying over not having any practical experience to reflect my learning. I wanted to make a good impression during the upcoming placements but not having a certification and project could hinder my chances. So I decided to take control of the situation and started looking for courses. 

One of the reasons why I had not enrolled in a course before was that I could not afford them. So when I read Internshala’s email and found out that they offer trainings at an affordable price, I jumped at the chance and enrolled myself in Internshala’s Web Development training. It was a skill that I could acquire in a short time because I had also learnt Java Server Pages and Java Servlet which are a part of web development. 

Because it was online training, I did not have to fuss over timing issues. Each day I dedicated two hours to the training which was divided into four modules on front end development, database management, back end development, and server connection.

At the end of each module, I was able to evaluate my progress through quizzes, coding challenges, and error finding contests. My favourite part of the training was the support that was available to clear one’s doubts. The replies were prompt and helpful. At the end of the training, we had to create a project and submit it for evaluation which helped me feel more confident.

After the training, I started preparing for placement drives at my college. I was eligible to apply for 9 companies and Cognizant happened to be one of them. The selection process consisted of two steps – aptitude test, which was an AMCAT test followed by two interview rounds. During the technical interview round, I was mainly questioned on my projects and the subjects that I had studied. A few questions that I was asked are: 

1. What was your project about?
2. How did you connect to a database? What were the tables that you used?
3. What are your favourite subjects?

At the end of the recruitment drive, I was offered an internship at Cognizant, which could turn into a full-time role as a software analyst. Due to COVID-19, the internship is taking place virtually. Currently, we have been assigned a few e-learning modules and challenges to revise some key concepts which come handy while working as a full-time employee.

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    Well done Anushil

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    Well done @Anushil… Keep going :)

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    Nice bro these experiences helps a lot of young job seekers keep up the good work..

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    “Congratulations on your well-deserved success.”

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    Well DONE

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    sunday ko class hai aap ki

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    good post for freshers like me thanks.


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