I created a website in 5 hours to qualify for the WorldSkills 2020 competition – thanks to an online training!

About the author: Sai Thanmae, a final year engineering student from Odalarevu, Andhra Pradesh, narrates how she created a website in five hours after taking online training in Web Development.

During my second year in college, I applied for a few work-from-home internships. However, I could not get through any of them. To understand what could have gone wrong, I got in touch with a few seniors who had interned before. They told me about Internshala Trainings and how it had helped them in securing internships, so I decided to give it a shot. While browsing through different trainings, I came across the Web-Dev battle which I found exciting and ended up enrolling for Internshala’s Web Development training.

This was a 45-day training which was divided into four modules – HTML & CSS, Bootstrap, SQL, and PHP. Each module had 6 to 7 videos along with tests. I scored comparatively less in SQL and PHP modules. So I went through the videos again until I had a good grasp over the concepts. There is also an assignment at the end of each module which made me feel more confident before engaging with new topics. The training was well-paced for a beginner which made it easier to continue. Whenever I had a doubt, I wrote it in the FAQ section along with a screenshot of my code snippet, and I received a solution within 24 hours. 

While studying the training, I was also working on building an e-commerce website. Before enrolling, I had read that building a website from scratch was a part of the course. I was initially hesitant about being able to do this. However, as the training progressed, I felt more confident and even motivated to create one so that I could win a place in the Web-Dev battle. In the end, I created a completely functional website which was among the top 100. Although I did not win the competition, I still felt a sense of accomplishment.

Once the training ended, I continued my learning and participated in various hackathons at my college. For one of the competitions, I teamed up with other friends who had done their training on Internshala as well, and we created a website for a farmer’s store. 

A few months later, I participated in the Web Technologies Contest conducted by the Andhra Pradesh government as part of the WorldSkills competition. I cleared a written exam and designed a project solution in 5 hours. We had to create a website for a travelling agency, and I could do it with ease because it was similar to my e-commerce project. 

The next step is the state level competition which is currently on hold due to the lockdown. Meanwhile, I have enrolled in Internshala’s Machine Learning Specialization training because I want to prepare for a career in AI and ML. Due to my remote location, it is sometimes difficult to find quality training for subjects that I am interested in exploring. So I am thankful to Internshala Trainings for making learning accessible across different parts of the country.

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