An online training in MS-Excel helped me fast track my career

About the author: Sagar Kapoor, an employee at British Telecom Services, Gurgaon, shares how a training in MS-Excel helped him advance in his career.

I had just come back home from a mind-boggling day at work when I received a phone call from my friend. She could not contain her excitement because she had been selected for an internship at one of the best firms in Kanpur. I congratulated her and asked her how she had gone about it. She told me all about it from taking an Internshala training to landing an internship. She suggested that I go for it as well and use her ISP referral discount to get the best deal. I had been thinking about doing an Excel training for a while because it was used for a number of tasks at British Telecom. It felt like the right time to pursue it, so after researching a little, I enroled in the training.

The course was designed in a storytelling format, which sustained my interest for 4 weeks. It also struck the right balance between being informative and concise. Another aspect that I liked was the option to download videos to watch it at my own convenience. This feature came to my rescue when I had a disagreement with my landlord, and he disconnected my WiFi! I had downloaded all the videos in advance, and I would watch them whenever I could catch a break at work. My curiosity and self-motivation helped me in progressing day after day which strengthened my understanding of these new concepts.

After I completed my training, I regularly practised what I had learnt during the training. One day, the SME, who is responsible for analysing the performance of advisers had to leave early. Since I was one of the few employees who had a good grasp on Excel, he asked me if I would be willing to help him with his report. I agreed, and he walked me through the process. My manager took note of it and asked me to step into that role. So, I transitioned from an adviser in chat process to a SME. Currently, I am responsible for preparing a performance report in MS-Excel and sharing it with the entire department. I am using some skills learnt from training such as sorting, filtering, and using pivot tables and acquiring new ones as well.

On an ending note, I want to say that I am thankful to my friend, who encouraged me to take a training. I would like also like to commend the work that Internshala team has put in to deliver an engaging experience!

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