How I beat the pandemic blues and got a marketing internship

About the author: Meenal Giri is pursuing a Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication at India Today Media Institute. She talks about how she took charge of her career during the COVID-19 crisis.

The pandemic had thrown me into a strange state of lethargy and disinterestedness. It was incredibly difficult to cope with the idleness, and the semester break seemed to be making it worse. So, I started looking for internships and that’s when I came across Internshala Trainings. My friends had been taking online courses which motivated me to take up one too. I decided to go with the Digital Marketing training because I had some experience in digital marketing from the time I was pursuing BBA. I wanted to become more proficient in it as it’s a trend that’s on the rise.

The 6-week training placed equal emphasis on theory and practice. The curriculum was well-structured and easy to follow along. The two topics that stood out for me were SEO and Google Analytics. SEO taught me about the intricacies of Google search algorithm such as the page ranking, crawling, and indexing. Google Analytics, which I immensely enjoyed, taught me about traffic management on one’s website through Google. I was intrigued to learn that there is so much that one can find out about one’s audience through Google Analytics like the number of visitors, demographics, and user behaviour. All the different areas of  digital marketing that  I learnt about enhanced my skill set and helped me in exploring more career opportunities.

After the training ended, I uploaded my certificate on LinkedIn. Soon, I was contacted by the founder of CoEmerge, Sunanda Banerjee, who is also the guest faculty at my college. We had a discussion about my learning experience during the training which was followed by a telephonic interview. Here are a few questions that I recall from my interview –

1. How will you help our organisation as a digital marketing intern?

2. How will you use digital marketing in the Training and Development sector?

3. Do you know about social media management? How does it work?

After the interview round, I was extended an offer for the role of a marketing intern, which can turn into a full-time role. I joined two months ago, and I am currently undergoing a virtual training. My day-to-day work comprises managing social media pages, talking to new clients for business development, and writing content for training courses. Although it has been a bit hectic to work from home, especially with the poor connectivity issues, drinking coffee while working from home is an unparalleled joy!

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    It was your story was interactive and motivated to this pandametic blues beats in covid 19 (corona virus) fabulous and Excellent create develop Communication skills to learning. Thank you for you gave me for a opportunity to give this comments this Story once again thank you so much Meenal Gril.

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