How I understood the intricacies of writing with an online training

About the author: Pragati Tiwari is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Institute of Engineering and Technology, Lucknow. She narrates how she dived into the writing world through a short-term training in creative writing.

I have always believed that each person has their own writing style, which no one can teach them. Due to this reason, I always resisted enrolling for any writing class. At the same time, I found it incredibly hard to pen down my writing ideas. Although I could write poems, I had a hundred questions about writing prose that prevented me from even attempting it. So, when I stumbled upon Internshala’s Creative Writing Contest, I decided to take it up to motivate myself to complete a story before a deadline. 

At the outset of the training, our instructor Mr. Kulpreet Yadav quoted Jodi Picoult – “…you can always edit a bad page, but you can’t edit a blank page.” This helped me with my insecurities about writing such as whether I would be able to write anything worthy of being read. It also helped me kick my habit of procrastinating. 

The six-week training has something for anyone who wants to write. The different modules take you through non-fiction, editing, screenplay writing, and even a fair bit about publishing. This helped me in understanding the nuances of various writing careers such as the difference between content writing and creative writing. The training also consisted of sessions with writers and editors, which was my favourite part because I learned that criticism is an inevitable part of a writer’s journey. As I progressed from one module to another, I realised that the most important skills for writing are persistence, uniqueness, and a belief in oneself. In the final module, I was able to meet my objective behind enrolling in the training when I penned down a story of 3000 words! Because we were not given a writing prompt, I was free to explore any theme, which I really enjoyed.

After the training ended, I started working as a freelance writer on Fiverr. Although it took me about 2 months to get started, I ended up writing content that varied from market analysis to literary essays. One of my assignments comprised writing a short story for young readers that conveyed a moral as well. I thoroughly enjoyed this process and realised that I was more inclined towards creative writing than content writing and would probably do it even if no one paid me for it! Now I only work as a content writer if I need pocket money. At other times, I work on my collection of short stories and a novel. 

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