I landed my first internship by following my childhood interest in Android apps

About the author: R G Aamreen, a 3rd-year B.Tech student at SVEC, shares how she enrolled in Internshala Trainings to pursue her interest in Android app development and secured an internship.

I was 12 years old when I started getting curious about Android apps. Back then, the internet was not easily accessible by cellphones, so I accompanied my father to a cyber cafe where I would research on Android app development. I realised that it required coding, which I was completely clueless about, so I gradually lost interest in it. However, when I was in the 12th standard, I learned through social media that some 8th-grade students from my school had created Android applications. It renewed my interest, and once I finished school, I opted for engineering so that I could pursue my interest in Android app development. 

During my first year at college, I came to know that my classmates were developing Android apps as well. Although they were not sophisticated applications, I was still fascinated. Thereafter, I started looking for a training that would teach Android concepts from scratch and eventually help me in building a robust application. I came across Internshala Trainings on Google and enrolled after going through the content.

I started the training when the nationwide lockdown began, so I had a lot of spare time, which I invested in the training. The first topic that I learned was Kotlin, which is the language used to create Android apps.  I was already familiar with Java, C++, and Python, so I did not struggle a lot with it. Later in the training, we were taught more advanced topics like adding Google Maps and integrating apps with the internet. The final project of the training was about building a food delivery app. I was very enthusiastic about it because this was the practical knowledge I had been waiting for. Once I submitted my project, it was soon reviewed, and I received an encouraging feedback on the UI of my application.

After the training ended, I applied for an Android app development internship at CareerGuide, a startup that offers education and career counselling. Their application needed certain updates, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to get hands-on experience. The first step of the application procedure was submitting the resume. I had mentioned a number of projects on my resume, and my rating on CodeChef vouched for my coding skills. After shortlisting my resume, they called me in for an interview. The first interview gauged my basic understanding of Android such as –

1. What is Android app development?

2. What are the skills you picked up on during your training?

3. What was your project about? Could you please give us a detailed description?

This was followed by another interview wherein I was asked more advanced questions such as –

1. What is AIDI?

2. How comfortable are you with working with APIs?

3. What makes your application different from other food delivery applications? 

It was a work-from-home internship, and a mentor guided me throughout the internship. My project comprised implementing an API for a career quiz, which assessed the interests of the students and suggested career options for them. It was challenging for me because there were about 190 questions, and each one had to appear on a new screen. However, I managed to complete it along with other tasks within two months.

I was the only student who had interned in my class, which made me happy. Thanks to Internshala Trainings, I could give an early start to my career in Android app development. Currently, I am working on building a weather forecast application and a shopping application. I can’t wait to get back to these projects once my exams are over!

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