How an online training in Business Communication helped me in landing a job at KPMG

About the author: Vansh Mehrotra, a final-year B.Com (hons.) student from MIT WPU, shares how he aced an interview for KPMG after an online training in Business Communication.

I stumbled upon Internshala Trainings while browsing through the internships platform on Internshala. Being in the final year of my college, I wanted to work on my soft skills so that I could land a corporate job, so I enroled in the Business Communication training.

The training was a blend of theoretical concepts and practical learning. I learned various concepts through video tutorials and worked on multiple assignments; I found the ones on workplace communication the most useful wherein I practised writing formal emails and letters that I am currently using in my day-to-day work at KPMG. The training also consisted of quizzes, module tests, and a final project, which thoroughly assessed my understanding of the topics. After the training ended, I got the opportunity to apply these skills during my campus placements.

The first company that I applied to was The Leading Solutions, a consultancy based in Delhi. This company visited our college to hire marketing and finance interns. Before the campus placements began, my classmates and I started practising together for the group discussions. Whenever they got stuck, I would share the techniques that I had learned from the training. For example, if they didn’t have enough knowledge of the topic at hand, they could actively listen to other participants and agree or disagree with them while adding their own views. This preparation helped us excel in the group discussion and I was selected as one of the interns.

The next company that I applied to was KPMG. The selection procedure consisted of an aptitude test, group discussion, and personal interview. The group discussion revolved around the topic of post-covid scenarios for businesses. It was followed by an interview round wherein I was asked the following questions:

1. Tell us about yourself.
2. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
3. Where do you see yourself in five years?
4. Why should we hire you?

Although the process was grueling, I tried to remain calm, which helped me in employing the skills that I had learned during the training. Before appearing for the KPMG placement, my friends and I would get together to conduct group discussions on various topics, go through the company website to understand the business better, and thoroughly understand the job descriptions. Other than this, I paid attention to my body language and had a firm understanding of everything I had mentioned in my resume. These were the skills that I had learned during the Internshala training, and it helped me in cracking the interview for the role of an analyst in advisory.

On an ending note, I would like to thank Internshala Trainings for helping me achieve this feat. The learning experience from the training helped me in accomplishing my objective. Thank you!

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