One-day internship at Bhumi: A lesson in time management

One-day internship at Bhumi

About the author: Mahek Jain is a 2nd-year Statistics (hons.) student at Lady Shri Ram College. She shares her 1-day Dream Internship experience at Bhumi.

When I received the one-day internship email from Internshala in November, I was skeptical about it. I was not sure if one could learn anything new in a day. At the same time, I was excited to find out what they offer, and I applied to three companies including Bhumi. 

I have always been passionate about social work and have volunteered at various NGOs in the past. So, while writing my application form, I mentioned how my prior experience could be of use during the internship. I would suggest that anyone who is applying to an internship should not only mention how they can be beneficial for the company but also how the internship experience will help them. 

Towards the end of February, I received a call from Bhumi’s manager. He informed me about my selection and discussed what the internship will entail. The internship took place soon after this call in March.

My day began at 9 AM with an introductory call with Bhumi’s manager wherein he gave me an introduction to Bhumi, its current initiatives, and volunteer base. At the end of the call, I was given a document through which I learned about various initiatives of Bhumi including the Campus Catalyst program. This program invites students to set up Bhumi clubs in their colleges. As an incentive, the students are offered career development sessions by Bhumi. During the internship, I was assigned the task of coming up with strategies for this program. I primarily worked on two problem statements - 

1. How to convince the college management to set up a Bhumi Club in their college?

2. How can Bhumi improve their career development sessions and offer something that college placement cells do not provide.

The ideas and solutions had to be shared in the form of a presentation, which I found challenging given that I only had 3 – 4 hours to work on it. I also had meetings with my manager in-between, so I had to be very organised. This taught me how to handle stress and manage my time to meet deadlines. The fact that my manager was accommodating and understood when I needed an extension also helped me accomplish my tasks.

Mahek's presentation during her one-day internship at Bhumi. She has proposed solutions to problems such as what makes Bhumi different from NSS/Rotaract, how Bhum's career sessions can be unique, and what value does the club add to the college.
By the end of the internship, I was convinced that a one-day internship can turn out to be a good learning experience. I would encourage anyone who may be interested to not be held back by confusion and apply. 

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