10 free job posting sites to use when you don’t want to break the bank for every role

Best free job sites for employers

While paid job boards come with several advantages, free job posting sites can come in handy when you have limited resources. So here’s a list of 10 job boards you can use to post a job for free:

1. Indeed

This popular platform is visited by 250 million monthly users. So you can indeed find an applicant who will match your requirements. 

You can post a job for free and make use of their candidate management tools. Once you have posted your job, you can check out your performance report for metrics such as job post impressions, click-through rate, and the number of applicants.

Indeed also has a strong mobile recruiting game and allows candidates to apply for a job through mobile phones. This can make the process easier for interested candidates.

2. Internshala 

Driven by the mission of creating meaningful internship experiences, Internshala is free for both internship seekers and employers who want to post internships. These opportunities can be seen by more than 4 million users on the platform. Moreover, you can share these internship posts on your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn handles. 

If you post internships for similar profiles regularly, your internships will get auto-approved which can reduce time to hire.

After posting the internship, recruiters can make use of our in-built ATS for the following:

i. tracking applications. You can also export these applications to Excel

ii. filtering candidates based on skills, degree, and location

iii. updating hiring status

iv. interacting with candidates through the in-built chat option

If you are looking to hire freshers, you may also check out Internshala Fresher Jobs, which is a paid offering. Employers on the platform receive 2x applications than any other portal in just 2 days. To ease the process further, you will also get AI recommended profiles everyday from a pool of 6 million jobseekers on the platform. You may send invites to these candidates to find the best fit for your company.

3. Instahyre

If going through several applications before coming across the right one is the hardest part of the recruiting process for you, then this job portal can come to your rescue.

This free job posting site provides a curated list of candidates based on your requirements. The recruiters using the free plan get a limited number of quality profiles in the fields of software engineering, IT, data science, HR, product design, marketing, and sales.

4. SimplyHired

SimplyHired works on the principle of “Only pay for results”.

Recruiters can post jobs for free, review resumes, and screen candidates through questions. However, you do need to pay when you have found a potential candidate and want to contact them. So if you want to pay only when you find relevant candidates, then SimplyHired could be the right place for you.

When you post a job on SimplyHired, you can also tap into its network of companies such as Indeed, LiveCareer, Jobrapido, and 97 other job posting sites. 

5. AngelList 

A website dedicated to startups – from getting investment to employees.

Founded in 2010 to match tech startups with investors, AngelList now also plays matchmaker between startups and future employees. 

AngelList has a huge, global user base of about 2.5 million who are looking for startup jobs. It offers 3 recruiting models and posting a job for free is one of them. Recruiters can post unlimited free jobs. However, the downside to this model is that it allows you to search for a limited number of resumes.

6. IIM Jobs

If you are looking to fill mid-level and senior-level positions, then you could give this free job board a go. 

Started in 2008 as a hobby project to help friends and acquaintances in finding the right job, this has become a trusted platform for finding candidates in various industries such as IT, finance, HR, and marketing. 

Although it goes by the name of IIM Jobs, you will find candidates from other institutions as well (say yes to a larger candidate pool!).

7. Facebook

Social media has become a powerful tool for recruiting. If your potential candidates use Facebook, then it can be an excellent platform for posting your jobs. This can be done through your business page.

After posting your job, recruiters can make use of candidate management tools such as reviewing applications, tracking applications, and setting up interviews via Messenger. 

In addition to listing jobs for free, you can create events such as a career fair to attract candidates. You can also use Facebook as a platform to showcase your company culture so that when you post a job, the candidates are aware of what it’s like to work at your company.

8. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest social network platform for professionals. You can tap into this network by posting a job for free. 

Like Facebook, you can post a job on your company page. Although you are posting it to your company page, it will be visible to the entire LinkedIn member base. However, the visibility will reduce over time or once you have received 100 applications.

To make the recruiting process more effective, you can even add screening questions to filter out unqualified candidates. Additionally, you can track applicants, rate applications, and take advantage of the applicant analytics feature. You can also integrate these job posts with your ATS.

Another way to post jobs on LinkedIn is through your personal profile. Through this option, you can share the applicant’s profile with 1st-degree connections at your company.

9. Adzuna

Although a UK-based job search engine, Adzuna is used by recruiters in 15 countries worldwide. 

Adzuna aims to be ‘the best place to start your job search’. Therefore, employers can post free job ads to increase the number of available jobs. You can give it a shot by posting one job for free for 30 days.

10. Jora

Jora is a global, free job posting site. It is based in Australia but has a presence in 36 countries including India. You can post multiple job posts for free or feature them in its search results through XML integration. It allows you to search for both local and international candidates.

Job boards with free trials

Besides free job posting sites, you can check out these high traffic sites that offer free trials:

1. Glassdoor 

Employee reviews, salary insights, company images…Glassdoor has all the company info that any candidate is looking for. Therefore, job posts on Glassdoor have earned a good deal of credibility among 50 million job seekers. You can take advantage of this by posting up to 10 jobs during their 7 day trial.

2. Monster

Monster has been a long-standing job portal. Even though it is a paid job board, you can try out its 4-day trial version.

3. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter enjoys a traffic of about 30 million job seekers each month and is used by a number of popular brands. You can give it a go through their 4-day trial.

Tips for effective recruiting on free job posting sites

Although the above-mentioned job boards receive high traffic, you still need to put in efforts to make your post visible.

1. Optimise for job search engines

If you have already posted the job on a job portal or your careers page, you can optimise it for job search engines like Google for Jobs, Indeed Organic, and SimplyHired. This includes using the right keywords such as the commonly-used job title, skills relevant to the profile, location, and so on. In the case of Google for Jobs, you also need to make sure that you are using structured data on your website.

2. Pay attention to your job description

Since the databases of the job boards keep getting updated frequently, your free job post is at the risk of drowning in a sea of job posts. So you need to make sure that your first impression is a lasting one as that might be your only shot to get a candidate’s attention. Moreover, some job platforms like IIM Jobs and Internshala Fresher Jobs moderate each job post, so a clear job description is a must.

To learn more, read how to write a good job description that attracts the right candidates.

3. Manage your employer brand

Most job boards provide the candidates with a glimpse into the company culture. This can be in the form of employee/candidate reviews, workplace pictures, salary insights, and so on. Make sure to monitor the reviews; this includes responding even to the negative reviews and understanding if you need to make any changes to address those concerns at your workplace. 

Want to try out paid platforms but worried that they might not be worth it? Try Fresher Jobs on Internshala for 30 days and get a full refund if you don’t find the right candidate.

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