How I built a strong foundation in data science with an online training

About the author: Srijan Shashwat, a student of BITS Pilani, took the data science training from Internshala. He shares how the training helped him grasp the core concepts of data science.

I am currently taking a course called Probability and Statistics in my college. This course got me interested in statistics and its applications in various fields ranging from business to finance to economics. So I read a couple of blogs such as Towards Data Science and Analytics India and learned about data science. I realised how data science, which is a combination of statistics and computing, is being used to solve real world problems. This intrigued me, and  I wanted to channelise this passion for statistics, data, and machine learning into usable knowledge and projects based on real-life scenarios. However, this can be a daunting task without formal guidance. This is where Internshala Trainings came into the picture for me.

One day, when I was looking for work-from-home internships on Internshala, I saw that they were offering courses on data science, machine learning, etc. By collaborating with Analytics Vidhya, Internshala was offering an affordable course whose content and delivery could be trusted.

The six-week course began with learning basics of statistics and ended with using supervised ML models on real data sets. Although all modules were interesting, I found the statistics module to be the best because it is the theoretical foundation of data science. Analytics Vidhya and Internshala did a good job of covering these concepts. In terms of projects, I enjoyed working on the one related to retail banking. The entire learning process was smooth and probably the best utilised six weeks of my academic life.

Thanks to the training, I was able to grab an internship at Sable Edtech Private Limited, which is an early growth startup. This was possible not only because I had a certificate but also the required skills and projects. The selection process consisted of a resume screening and an interview with the chairman of the company. I was asked questions regarding my academic background in computer science and the tools I was comfortable working with such as Excel, Python libraries, Django framework, and so on. I have joined the team as a product intern, and my responsibilities include market research, user research and analysis, UI/UX, product development, and other activities related to the product lifecycle.

Has the field of data science piqued your interest, too? Then, check out Internshala’s Data Science online course and use BLOG10 to get a discount of 10%.

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