Designing my career with the help of a UI/UX training

About the author: Raksha is a B.Tech student from K.S. Institute of Technology. She shares how she explored her interest in designing through Internshala’s UI/UX training.

I have always been told to do whatever brings me happiness. So, when I was in my second year of Computer Science and Engineering and I found most of my friends setting their career goals, I wondered which career would truly make me happy. That is when I started exploring my interests and realised that I had a strong passion for designing.

I love making digital art. I have been member of the college design team since a long time and I have designed posters and brochures for college fests. However, I had never really given a thought about putting my design skills to use on a professional level. One day, one of my friends suggested that I look for internships in the design field and recommended Internshala as a go-to place for trustworthy internships. When I checked out Internshala, I was excited to see the vast range of career opportunities. I realised, however, that I had a lot more to learn before I could secure an internship. Around the same time, I came across Internshala’s UI/UX design training. Without hesitation, I took up the course and began learning in December  2020.

During the six-week online training, I was taught basics of design, designing with Figma, and creating an entire design system. I also worked on my first project wherein I designed a finance application. At the end of the training, I was so proud and happy that I even recommended it to my peers. Never before had I felt so confident about myself. This became my motivation to push myself to do better.

In January, I started working on creating a portfolio to exhibit my UI design skills. It took me about three months to create a decent portfolio. In April, I began applying to UI design internships on Internshala. One of the companies that I applied to is called Kudosware, which is a tech consulting firm. As part of the screening process, I was given a task to redesign a few screens for one of their mobile applications. After my application was shortlisted, they conducted a telephonic interview during which they asked me skill-based questions such as:

1. Which design software and tools have you worked with?

2. Which part of the UI design process is your forte?

3. Can you create high-fidelity mockups?

The recruiter was also interested in the projects I had worked on. He was impressed by the fact that I had managed to pull off a great portfolio with no prior work experience. Soon, I received an offer letter and I began my internship in April. So far, I have worked on redesigning web pages, rapid prototyping, preparing high-fidelity mockups, and doing research to come up with the best user experience (UX) for their web applications. Each day, I learn a lot at my internship, and I have developed new skills such as better communication and teamwork.

Throughout my journey, Internshala has been my guide and mentor. I would like to thank Internshala not only for shaping my future but for also helping me find what makes me truly happy and allowing me to transform my passion into my career.

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