Four trainings and an ISP program – my exciting journey with Internshala

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About the author: Sourabh Pran Borah is pursuing Mechanical Engineering from Jorhat Engineering College. He talks about his journey with Internshala from his first year to his final year in college.

I learnt about Internshala during the first year of my engineering program. Being in the first year of mechanical engineering, I wanted to strengthen my basics and had opted for the AutoCAD certification course. Later, I enrolled in the IoT training as I was the automation head of my Robotics club, and I wanted to give our juniors an insight into the exciting field of IoT. After this training, I created some projects such as ‘Ok Google turn on the lights’. I am also planning to use the IoT technology in my final-year project on water distillation through a solar still. This year, when the semester break was turning out to be lazy and unproductive due to the pandemic, I decided to go for another training.

Since 3D printing is an emerging technology and a part of my curriculum, I enrolled in the 3D Printing training to explore it more. This training spanned over six weeks and had more than fifty videos. Each module was very well-structured, and even a beginner can follow along without any hassle. Any doubts that I had were cleared directly by the instructor, which I found quite helpful. I was also able to download videos and watch them offline when I was experiencing connectivity issues.

Before I enrolled in the training, I only knew about fused deposition modelling. During the six weeks of the training, I learnt about seven more technologies in detail. I was fascinated by the idea that a Computer-Aided Model (CAM/CAD) can take the shape of a physical object through 3D printing. Not only that, the interactive software can create a physical model in a short duration, which I found intriguing. 

After learning about the technologies, I worked on the final project in which three STL files had been provided to us. I used the knowledge gained during the training and experimented with various slicing operations, support structure, and optimum orientation in the Ultimaker Cura software. When the college reopens, I would like to take printouts of these models in the FDM printer, which is available in our department. In addition to this project, I was also one of the top scorers of the training!

Once the training ended, I moved on to the Internship & Job Preparation training which helped me prepare for the upcoming placement drive. In the meantime, I am working as an Internshala Student Partner in the recent edition. My role involves creating awareness about internships and trainings among college students. Since carrying out these responsibilities will involve a lot of interaction with people, I am hoping to build my soft skills during the program.

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