How I chased my dream of becoming a writer with an online training in creative writing

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About the author: Lipika Agrawal is a third-year Economics honours student. She shares how an online training helped her explore a career path that was different from her chosen major.

Chapter 1: The beginnings

I was an avid reader throughout my school life, and my teachers and friends often advised me to try writing. However, even though I loved being lost in stories, I would go blank when it came to creating my own, so I chose Economics as my major in college. As my time to choose a career approached, I wanted to give writing a try before giving it up as I could not imagine doing a conventional job for the rest of my life. So I googled creative writing courses and came across the one offered by Internshala Trainings. I decided to go for it as it was one of the most structured courses that I could find.

Chapter 2: The chase

When I started the training, I did not expect a lot from it as I was uncertain if an online course could help me write my own stories. But as the training progressed, things got better as the instructor was a best-selling author himself and was well-acquainted with the challenges faced by rookie writers.

The training consisted of small exercises and assignments like writing a character sketch or dialogues, which guided me towards writing my own story. Although writing my first story was not easy, I enjoyed every part of it because it combined creativity and technique. I wrote this story in a matter of ten days and submitted it for the creative writing contest. Even though I was nervous about penning down a few ideas, it got easier when I started writing. In the end, the effort felt worth it because I managed to bag a position.

Besides learning about writing stories, I tried my hands at writing a feature article and a news story. I experienced a huge sense of accomplishment after completing these tasks as I found them harder to write compared to fiction. Writing such articles gave me an insight into how blog articles and news articles are written, which I believe I could not have figured out by myself. I also learnt about screenwriting which is a very different form of writing. Furthermore, the course gave an overview of the publishing industry, which helped me learn about another career path related to books.

Chapter 3: The realisation

This training has been a turning point for me as it made me realise that I can write well–something that I had pondered over for many years. Along with bringing out the writer in me, the course gave me a platform to showcase my work and taught me everything I needed to know to build a career in writing.

I am currently working on my next story as well as freelancing. I work on projects like college essays and blogging. This gives me the freedom to pursue writing while paying me well. The real present that the training gave to me, however, has been the fact that I can now chase my dreams instead of money.

The end.

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